Tuesday, May 25, 2010

It's OFFICIAL! I have an official PHOTOGRAPHER!

....and boy am I one lucky dog! She's the best. Her name is Luanne and she is THE best dog photog a dog could want.....doggone it! We went a-wanderin' the other day...in Santa Fe, and wow, did she keep that camera a-snappin'. I'll be sharing some of those special shots along the way, but two things today. Here's a photo of my favorite shutter gal with me at Hyde Park in Santa Fe. I think I'm in LU-U-V with my luvalee LU!

....and that's the other thing I have to report today! When someone tells you that Santa Fe is pet-friendly....well, that ain't no joke! They LUV us doggaroos...I had a grand welcome everywhere my four-paws wandered. And I'm goin' back......soon!

PS...if you need a photo (or two or three or more) snapped...you best go to the best! www.thephotostudio.com...but puleeze.....Luanne is mine....ALL MINE!

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