Thursday, May 6, 2010

Geocaching Canine Explorer

Hey there...this curious pup has taken up a new hobby.....Geocaching. And in case you are a bit behind the times....this great sport for the two footed AND four footed explorer is fun for all! It is the modern day version of a treasure hunt...with your GPS. Here I am exploring Ruidoso's Grindstone Recreation area with the big man himself...Mr. Steve Tally of the Village of Ruidoso. Steve gave me a paw experience. We took a hike through the recreation area....even included a dog-s leap over a gurgling creek and then we got serious a-lookin' for that treasure box. Steve had the coordinates locked into his GPS system, so we followed it to near the mystery site....then we followed the hint (seemed like it was a description of a tree stump). And lo-and-behold! After a bit of diggin.....definitely in my doggie list of FAV things to do...we discovered the official Geocaching treasure box!

Then the fun part. We checked out the goods inside, visit to the site and then I LEFT MY TREASURE for someone else to find and take with them. What might that treasure have been you ask? Well, being the travelin' canine that I am...I never travel without my handy dandy "Kids' Passport to New Mexico". And doggone it....I left it there just so's some other explorer can take my passport....on geocaching adventures all over the country! I do hope they tell me when they find it and where they take it...that way, I can say my passport has traveled even more than me...the ONE.... the ONLY Travelin' Jack, canine travel reporter!'s your job now! If you are in Ruidoso New Mexico....go find my passport and move it along on a grand adventure. If you are elsewhere...well, doggone it you better hurry on over to the lovely Village of Ruidoso...where all sorts of FAB adventures await!

But gotta go now....gonna check out some more geocaching areas....just luv these fun adventures!

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