Friday, November 2, 2012

I'ts really REAlly REALLY time to get PAWliticaL!

It's almost Election Day for this pup!

OKAY all you fans out there...furry or not so furry! It's almost D-Day!  (dog day in my calendar!)
Time to get PAWlitical! 


  'Cause this dandee dawg has once again thrown his hat into the political ring...for all things PETsidentially impuptant of course! 

And like any good PAWlitician.....where there's politickin'....there's kissin'!  Gotta kiss em all...Big Gals....


 Little Guys......
Special Friends at Events
 Gotta kiss my Best TV Buds---Nikki and Kristen on New Mexico Style at 2 KASA Fox TV!

Why even babies....I LUV ya all!  YUP-PUP!  I'm a kissing pawlitician if there ever was one!

I've been know to KISS dogs for a VOTE.....

 .                                                  ..even strange RED RUFF dogs....

......why I"ll even let dogs SMOOCH me!

And it's all for a Doggone Grand Cause!

The results will be in tomorrow at HIGH 5......PM that is!  The WINNER will be announced at Alamosa Bookstore for the final BIG BASH of this special Election!
  So after you cast that one final LAST vote for MOI-Travelin' Jack ( bad kitties in our green New Mexico turf!) there's a couple more VERY important things for you to do!  
1) Make a DONATION (big...small...any size) for the 4-footed kids at Animal Humane of New Mexico! We want to help my cousins out big time here!  
 2) Make a COMMENT .  Alamosa Books has even added a comment section so you can tell us your pupinion on this fun-ol' animal election!  
3) Buy a book or two.  My 2012 nemesis....'er pawlitical competitor.....Bad Kitty, will have his books there.  OR even better.....  I will of course be pawdigraphing MY award winning book....Travelin' Jack's Story...From Shelter to Star     (proceeds support animal welfare of dog-course!)

And here is an extra special BONUS!  Alamosa Book Store will even have the FAB new Puplitical book RED DOG BLUE DOG there for sale!  (HINT: I'm in this book FIVE case ya didn't already know!) This book....only $12.....makes a GREAT holiday gift for that dog lover on your list!

Yep...that's what PETSIDENTIAL ELECTION 2012 is all about!   
  •   It's for the FUN!
  •   It's for the 4-footed furry kids at Animal Humane of New Mexico!
  •   It's for the great books at Alamosa Book Store!
  and of dog-course...
  • it's about ME, Travelin' Jack----YOUR canine-didate of choice!  

So CLICK on this link and vote

And then come on out for the Alamosa Book Store  this Saturday, November 3rd from 5-6:30 PM!  

See ya there!   XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO!!!!!!


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  1. It is really interesting.I am very pleased to see this kind of dog affection.Its behave is as like human.