Thursday, October 25, 2012


FunBoy here.....stoppin' JUST Long enough to fill you in on some fun events and places I've been to these past couple weeks.  As you all know, I've been travelin' the state in search of those elusive Vintage 100 Photos in the GET THE PICTURE contest hosted by New Mexico Tourism.  
I paw-tracked my way around the state about 4 times I'm dog-estimatin'...lookin' AND FINDIN' 97 of the 100 photos! And if you click on this LINK you will see me in one of them (hint: #34). Not too doggone bad for a dawg if I do bark so myself!  Unfortunately I didn't win the $10, I did have a bully of a good time explorin' our bee-u-tiful state of New Mexico
 But life's not ALL about travel....though I do have to dog-mit I LUV to travel!  Why I can have some FINE FURRY FUN right here in Albuquerque on the Air at KKOB Radio with Terrie Q and Dangerous Dan. Ya know....this pup is full of advice and I gotta share it with ALL my friends and fans!  Thanks for invitin' me back Miss Terrie Q----oh and I'm a thinkin' that the Q stands for QUEEN...Queen of the Airways, don't you dogree?

Oh...and PSSSSTTTTTT......Terrie and I gotta secret.  A DOGGONE GRAND ONE!  We'll shout it out soon for the world to hear, but meanwhile back at the Dawg Ranch.....I'm keepin' my yapper closed...You'll just have to wait a bit longer..........  

 But you don't have to wait to see my on TV.  This month I pre-recorded the 2ND FOUR FOOTED FASHION SHOW with my people buds from "New Mexico Style" TV show and my furry friends-the Canine Models from The Albuquerque City Shelter!  Since we pre-recorded it at my favorite Museum-the Balloon Museum, I got to watch it on my very own telly at home! There's Anna Mae struttin' her stuff and being shown off by Tim from One Stop Pet of our grand sponsors....and there's Michael from my favorite dog-eaterie....Three Dog Bakery....yum!  Of course there I am in the background helpin' my FAV TV host, Miss Nikki....I was the Co-Emcee of this big deal dog shindig!  We showed off fashions for pups and had a grand ol' time.  In case you missed's the link for the TV segment!   
And speaking of Balloon Museum....time for the grand-doggy of ALL festivals in New Mexico!  It's here once again! I am so doggone 'cited with all these fab-dogulous hot air balloons...why I can hardly keep my eyes to the skies.....or open for that dog-matter! So much to SEE that a guy's gotta rest his eyes every so often. Aren't those hot air balloons fab?

And I got to sit in on the ACTION once again with KASA Fox TV and New Mexico Style.  Here I am with Jennifer Taylor from the Balloon Museum Foundation being interviewed by Kenny....Roving Kool-Dude Reporter on the Spot for New Mexico Style TV.  We were talkin' about the canine activities at the Museum including Festival of Flight...and my very own hosted 2ND ANNUAL FURRY FRIENDS FIESTA DAY! And before I could blink a wake-up BLINK....(Balloon Fiesta comes EARLY in the day....O Dark O'Clock) I was down on the field at the KKOB Radio Show...talkin' about  all the fun things coming up.....course I let the girls (Miss Terrie Q and Jill) do the hard work.....I'm in the background testin' out one of those famous Breakfast Burritos.  Here's my FOOD tip of the day.  Gotta get ya one!  They are Dog-licious! YUM!
Bark about FUN!  Now this year we had it ALL....including the DAWG-fabulous K9 Kings Flying Dog Show.

 Got to watch the team get set up for the ya think they notice that I want to learn these here dog tricks?  I'm a-thinkin' so!
 I met up with Owner/Trainer/Host-DogExtraordinaire....JD Platt himself!  He's the man behind the Dogs! Thanks for the KEEN hat  Mr. JD....I do think I look pretty 'Keen' in it!  (HA...slipped in Another one of  my hilarious bulldog jokes!)...but back to the K9 Kings Flying Dog Show......  
They're full of SUPER HERO sized surprises......who IS that masked DOG flying through the Air like that?! Whoo Doggies....makes me tired just to watch all that action!  I wonder how they get so Pumped up for their show and their tricks? Dog-ercising...what else!  Here's Carousel doing a S-T-R-E-T-C-H!  You GO girl!  LUV ya!

 I also had to get my LICKS on Route 66.......posin' here by the OFFICIAL tour-mobile.....check out the  link for some pics of your-New Mexico-truly dawg on the ABQ Tour Stop! This 4th annual tour is a GI-normous fund raiser for local animal shelters along the entire route 66 (from California to Chicago)...and is sponsored by none other than my FAV dog-mag  FIDO FRIENDLY! (Ya know I was featured in this mag awhile back....maybe again in the future too!)  It's just the BEST national Dog Magazine out there no dog-doubt about it! 

They stopped for the day at FURRY FRIENDS FIESTA DAY in Albuqeurque to help raise money for the local 4-footed kids at the Lucky Paws Shelter.  Here I am with Balloon Museum Marketing Queen, Miss Linda,  and the QUEEN LADY of the Magazine-Miss Susan...and her hubby-Greg!  What a great team! 
Now...can I PULEEZE spin the wheel and win some prizes?!

 But we're not done yet!  This was quite a day....from Balloon Fiesta we headed north for the 1st EVER (I'm bettin' my bones it will be repeated next year!) Doggie Styles Fashion Show in Dixon New Mexico!  A scenic drive up the Rio Grande River...I LUV Autumn in New Mexico....ain't it just beautiful?
and arrived just in time to don our matching duds.  But Hey NO duds here!  Look at this outfit wouldja?  Now this is what I call 'Santa Fe Stylin'...wouldn't you dawgree? Luv my snazzy custom made vest...made specially for moi by PupCycle!  Talk about fashion for pups...this is the cat's I mean dog's bark...or somethin like that!
 A long day for sure...from 4:30 AM  O-Dark to 10 PM that night....where I got to finally relax in my cozy  home-away-from-home casita at the dog-darling Guest House with hosts Judy and Chuck!  Thanks for the you and ALL your furry critters you have adopted along the way....grand people FURR sure!

 And then there is Monday.....I've magically turned into Jack-MacScotty!  Just in time for the SAVE LUCKY PAWS Charity Golf Tournament back in Albuqueruque.  Gotta do my part ya know....

So I hit the links.....posed for some Bucks for the Pups with the fab-dogulous Golfers of the Day......
and just had a doggone grand time in my Kilt outfit.....but let me warn ya....DON'T ask me what's underneath!  This dawg ain't talkin......

But I will tell ya between all the FURRY FUN times I had...we raised some 'Bucks for Bones' for four footed kids all around the state....and you can take that to the BARK-BANK!


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