Sunday, October 10, 2010

Watermelon Mountain Ranch-Animal Shelter Exra-Ordinaire!

It was Volunteer Day at Rio Rancho's Watermelon Mountain Ranch....where All Who Enter Here Will Find Love. So....I thought I'd join in on the good cause by holding a Canine Campaign on the spot. Well, let me tell you...if you've never visited this great organization....doggone it..get your paws in gear and head over to check out this snazzy Animal Rescue Resort.

Resort you say? Well, not exactly, but let me tell is one fine and dog-dandy place to stay till these critters get a forever home and family. There are cozy little 'canine cottages' for the pups waitin' for a family...look at these digs would ya?
There's the Rabbit Hutch for wayward bunnies...Miss Muffet's Garden

and one snazzy home-away-from-home for those kute little kittens at the Catnip Inn. Check out this kitty dream home scene would ya? Pretty cat-tastic if you ask me! Here's Abigail...VOLUNTEER Extraordinaire...helping out in the Cat House! Way to go Abby! All us animals love your giving spirit!

And finally......some folks might JUST be lookin' for that very special pot-belly pig pet!!! Well...if that would be you...then Watermelon Ranch has your dream pet awaitin'.....3 pot belly pigs to choose from...there's Thelma and Louise....and then there is the very portly piglet-Louie! Can you believe those choices?

Yup....I LUVed Volunteer Day at Watermelon Mountain Ranch...and I loved my special tour by Animal Specialist Gabe...who is pretty dog-tastic fabulous in my books! He knows how to take care of these special critters...till they find their permanent home and family.

All the good folks at Watermelon Ranch are love-bugs to animals...and they've got my vote for sure!

If you want to help them's how you might just be able to do that!

1) adopt one of these lovelee pets either from the ranch or at a PetSmart adoption day
2) Donate some bones and bucks.......check out their website for details on the many ways to do this...from Harley attending the 2010 Fur Ball on November 6th.

Any way you choose........everyone comes out a winner.

and hey...tell 'em Travelin' Jack sent you! They've got my 5-paws Animal Welfare Rating....and as you just doesn't get any better than that...doggone it!

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