Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Now who wudda thunk a shelter dog from Colorado would rise to such doggone grand heights as to run for Dog-Governor of New Mexico! Well....Travelin' Jack...who else!?!

Yup, I'm throwin' my paw into the race....and raising awareness and $s for my 4-footed furry friends with New Mexico's great animal welfare organizations!

The BIG ANNOUNCEMENT was made Sunday at the Albuquerque Balloon
Museum. With lots of pomp and circumstance....just for this li'l ol' pup!

And I must say, it was one grand bash...what with my official band, SAGE,

my grand entrance with the Tin Lizzy Club of Albuquerque,

a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony with 5 great animal organizations...and my BIG ANNOUNCEMENT.

Of course it wudda been nothin' without my loyal fans, both the human kind and the 4 footed variety.

But the best part of it all....we started my CANINE CAMPAIGN off with a bang! We adopted 5 cute little puppies to new forever families, we raised about $600 for the 5 animal organizations...and I entertained over 500 people and pets!

Not a bad day for this pupparoo....and now I am ready to hit the road and the CANINE CAMPAIGN TRAIL.

How can you help you ask? Well, check out my brand new my campaign goodies and the $s go to help the animals of New Mexico!

So...don't just sit there....get your paws on the BUY button and support my campaign! After all...I DO intend to be the next Dog-Governor of New Mexico...paws down!


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