Monday, October 11, 2010

On the CANINE CAMPAIGN Trail at SocorroFest

Time to hit the road....rounding up $s for the furry kids and their great organizations....and telling folks to ADOPT a Shelter Pet! And of course, we can't forget that furry friend write-in vote on my PET-ition for Dog Governor of New Mexico!

So off we went to SocorroFest! It was just grand! Of course I have to put on my patriotic campaign attire......a dog must ALWAYS be ready for that photo op and attention to detail ya know!

And hey....ya gotta be ready to give the ol' campaign presentation to those passer-by pups! I'm PRETTY sure I got her vote...after our little dog-chat and my smackin' kiss!
YIPPEE.....our first donations for the Animal Protection Association of Socorro! Way to go ladies! You just helped our furry friends cause!
Here's Miss Carmen.....getting the Dog-fficial "Travelin' Jack for Governor" Campaign Button...for all her hard work on this event! Thanks Miss C!!!

Oh....gotta get ready for another Campaign Photo I look okay!
OKee's a write in vote on my PET-ition for Your's Truly.....the next Dog-Governor of New Mexico!
I'm pretty doggone happy with my CANINE CAMPAIGN stop at Socorro. What about you Miss Carmen?
And one last smooch deal before I hit the road again...I sure did hit the jackpot with these two little dolls, eh?
and now I'm "on the road again"

......see ya at the next CANINE CAMPAIGN stop next weekend! Headin' to of my dog-fav places to visit! But if you want to see my CANINE CAMPAIGN platform and support the cause yourself, just check it ALL out on my website.

Doggie Hugs & Slurpy Kisses!


  1. great post..nice snaps..and superb work..all the best for next canine campaign:)
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  2. Thanks....we hit the road this weekend in Taos and to come soon. Then it's back in Albuquerque for some fun events this weekend...and Santa Fe and Los Alamos for Halloween Weekend! BOO!

    We're raising lots of $s and fun for the furry kids. Check out my website too! BEST TO YA!