Thursday, October 21, 2010

Hot On The Canine Campaign Trail -Bark-A-Thon in the Park TAOS

Well we had one grand time at the Bark In the Park in Taos! We had an Adopt-A-Thon...and we are happy to say, Mr. Dillon (above) was adopted by a family from Colorado! How doggone cool is that, eh? And two other pups were adopted by their forever families too! YIPEE-KI-O-KAYAA!

And what fundraiser would be without a grand Silent Auction? Look at this fab dog-artwork and more! WoW.....good goin' Taos!

And OF COURSE there was a Dog Dress-Up Contest! We're not sure if this is a dog-dandy costume or a new discovery in the bug world....a Bee-Chiwawa!!??!!

And a good time was had by ALL---Pugs, Pups & People too! Look at this little cuz of least I think he is....or have I been miniaturized?
Now this guy is JUST my size...and another of my fab cuzins....this happy reunion between me and Sprocket was just the cat's somethin' like that!

And then there were the races...why even your favorite Guv -2-B took part in this race.....harumph...that dog with the long legs beat me out at the finish line ..... .But that doesn't stop me from my RACE to be the 1st EVER DOG-GOVERNOR of New Mexico! And this pupparoo will keep on truckin' to earn bucks for NM's animal welfare organizations....and find homes for those 4-footed kids who need a forever family of their own!

For more info on my CANINE CAMPAIGN....head to my website for all the dog-tails!

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