Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Canine Campaign Chugs Up to Chama!

Well, we had a busy day in Taos last weekend, but it didn't end there! We continued tracking on over to Chama to help out the four-footed kids there and the Chama Valley Humane Society.

You know, it's dog-gorgeous in Chama this time of the year! Look at this Color wouldja?!

We took this project on with the partnership of Mountainview Mall....and Christy, the resident Canine, helped me out! Thanks bunches of dog biscuits, Christy!

We had friendly passers-by visit with us, and drop some dollars in the donation box...some off the last Train ride of the Season, some enjoying Fall foliage, and some local area folks.We were glad to help out the Chama Valley Humane Society a bit...and we gathered more votes for the dog-GUV-2-BE too!

All's in a days work for this travelin' hound dog! Stay tuned...more fun CANINE CAMPAIGN stops coming up soon as we wind down to ELECTION DAY! For more info on me and my CANINE CAMPAIGN, check out my website.

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