Tuesday, January 5, 2010

On The Set in Silver City

Greetings from Travelin' Jack. Right before the holidays hit, I hit the road to Silver City with my....yes doggone it...MY camera team! Those guys at Travel Guide New Mexico are just too good to me! I get to check out all the cool spots with them. Here we hit the Pinos Alto Post Office (PAPO) Ice Cream Parlor together while they filmed a segment for the show. I was sidelined here, but got to take a tasty bite of that yummy Banana Split they conjured up for Richard, the Host of TGNM. YUM with a 5 Paws rating!

Jill and I then went out on our own to discover Silver City. OF COURSE it is absolutely important that you ALWAYS start at the local Visitor Center! That's where all the info is...and the nice ladies there who welcomed me right on inside! Talk about Pet Friendly...they got that one down pat! and a paw too...hee hee (a little dog humor there!) Here I am outside the Visitor Center with my main gal at the Visitor Center, Mary in front of the Billy the Kid cabin. I was admonished by all not to follow in the 'footsteps' of Billy the Kid as he did NOT know how to stay out of trouble. Nope, not this bulldog! I'm headin for the good times, not the outlaw type, ya' know!

Next we filmed my segment at the Hotel...you know checkin' out those pet friendly places to overnight. Here the Holiday Inn Express, which is VERY pet friendly, welcomed me warmly. Not only was the hotel room cozy but after posing in front of the camera.....it still takes me several takes before we get just the right shot!.....I just had to call it a day. And it was a doggie dream filled night for me! zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz......

doggie hugs and slurpy kisses!


  1. Dear Jack, thanks for coming to our fine town - I saw the show on Saturday morning and really enjoyed it! Did you know that we have a dog park in the middle of town? All fenced in and available for dog antics! Come on back and I'll show it to you! We also have lots of hiking trails and dirt roads for a dog to roam. Woof! Linda@silvercity-realestate.com

  2. Linda!

    Thanks for watching lil ol'ME (and all the wonderful spots in Silver City) on the show! And doggone it....I will just hafta take you up on your offer!!! I LOVE S.C....and so does Jill (my person and personal chauffeur)! We'll definitely contact you when we put 4 paws to the road in your direction! WOOF to you too!