Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Viva! Vivac! A Pet-Friendly Winery

Wow. What a find by this rovin' bulldog reporter! Who woulda thunk! A winery that invites the four footed friends in with their wine slurping humans! Vivac Winery...that's what! But yep, nuttin' gets past this nosey dog...who also has a nose for that fragrant New Mexico nectar called Wine!

Okay, so I didn't get to taste it! I'm only a year and a half old already...but Jill did, and deemed it a dandy find! Tasted about six of their tasty reds...and brought home a bottle of the grape as well. But it was a fun find for me as well. First, they let me hang during the wine tasting. Here I am yuckin' it up with Heather. She was one dandy sommelier! (yep that's right..this dog has taste-ha!). And after the wine tasting, we took a nice hike through the vineyard as well. Vivac is located right on the highway on the way up to Taos....an EASY stop halfway between Santa Fe and Taos. Check it out next time you pass by.

Yep, another great discovery by this travel loving, snoop-dog-snoop! I give Vivac a 5 paws rating for a top notch winery! Yep, I do indeedy!

More later from this travelin pooch, but here's to sipping wine and.....

...doggie hugs and slurpy kisses!

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