Monday, October 31, 2011


                                                            Happy HOWL-O-Ween !
 Why we started our JACK-O-Lantern tradition in 2010 when my big people-brother, Matt Lane, carved my very own JACK-O-Lantern.  We raffled off chances to win the Jack-O-Lantern.  The lucky winner took home their very own carved JACK-O-Lantern and we donated the moneys raised to the furry kids in the Santa Fe Animal Shelter.  THAT was last year.
So THIS year...I dog-cided to repeat this Travelin' Jack grand tradition.  And Matt Lane, my people-brother once again put his artistic touch on my 2nd annual JACK-O-Lantern. Pretty doggone cool, eh?  Do you see me in that there punkin?  I do!

And so, I donned my HOWL-o-ween costume and off we went to the Halloween Holiday HOWL at the Barn in Los Ranchos. Once again we raffled off my JACK-o-Lantern and I also paw-digraphed my book, Travelin' Jack's Story..From Shelter to Star.  Oh...and PS here...if you don't have your own copy better hurry and get one soon!  My book is a FINALIST for the 2011 New Mexico Book Awards!   And IF I win I will be the 1st EVER dog author to win an award at the NM Book Awards!  (MAYBE EVEN THE WORLD!)  It  only costs $5.00 and we donate the proceeds to Animal in addition to having your very own copy of this world-class book you'll also be helpin' the furry kids in the shelters!  Pretty doggone cool eh?

 But Back to HOWL-O-Ween Fun!  On Sunday..we headed over to the Fall Festival at Hinkle's Family Fun Center!  And talk about fun!  Why there's nuttin more to say than....DEM Bones...DEM bones....why they were everywhere!

And who did I run into there...but one of my very FAV gals of all time...Miss Colleen Wyatt!  Had to get my photo with this luvalee lady....she is a beauty, don't you dog-ree?!? 
                      's true...and she works hard for the dogs too.  She is the gal in charge at the LUVIN' LABS Rescue organization.  Why they've saved OVER 450 Labs by adoptin' them from shelters, fostering them..and then placing them in good forever homes and families...TOO doggone cool eh? honor of their good work, I am donatin' all my $$$s from today's event to Luvin Labs!

 And then the FUN began.....Kids of all sizes and shapes came to trick-or-treat....and let me bark to you...I got LOTS of fab attention.!
Why there's nuttin' more to say than...DEM bones....DEM bones...Dem Bones...why they were Everywhere!

I was just soakin' in all the lovin...when who should appear but my twin Skeleton buddy!  OH MY DAWG........Do you think we are IDENTICAL TWINS?  Maybe we got separated at birth? 
 AND then another bony guy appeared!  Where are all these scary Skeleton creatures comin' from anyway?
 Do you think they got their costume at PetSmart too?  That's where MY cool glow-in-the-dark Skeleton Costume came from!  And I'm here to bark out loud.....LOTS of folks were OOHin' and AAAHin' at my costume.  I just had to tell 'em to head to PetSmart to get their dog or cat a cool Martha Stewart Pet Halloween costume too!
Here's another handsome Skeleton guy...why we were so adored by the crowd that they were shootin' our photos from all we just hadda pose for the pics! Is this a good angle?
 But maybe-just maybe...this was my very FAV ghoulish skeleton buddy!  We make a dashing bony duo, don't we?  But Hey....with all the goodies bein' handed out I'm gettin' hungry for some sweets.........................

                          Why somebody even showed me their Skeleton Candy ring....SWEET!!!!!!

  HEY...give me a HAND-out...of some of that sw-ee--eet Halloween candy, won't you please?  I'll give you a Jack-smack in return! OK?  Deal....Let's shake on it!

YUP-PUP No Bones About It....this was one dandy HOWL-O-Ween holiday!  Why I had so much doggone fun that I think I might just do it again!  OH....and we were able to donate some $$$$ to both Luvin' Labs Rescue Group and LUCKY PAWS Mobil Adoption Unit....part of the City of Albuquerque's Animal Services division.  YAH-doggies! 

AND thanks to all my little skeleton photo buddies.  NO BONES ABOUT IT! We were dressed to the bones!  Thanks to ALL of you!

But gotta go now....I hear through the dog-vine that tonight is the BIG night with the Trick-or-Treaters comin' to my house!  And if YOU want some dog-portant advice on Halloween Pet my previous blog.

Doggie Hugs and Slurpy Kisses! 

PS (pup-script)  My dog-fabulous Skeleton costume was gifted to me by PetSmart!  Thanks're the BEST!!!

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