Friday, November 4, 2011

A Dog's Resume....Travelin' Jack....New Mexico's Dog Extra-ordinaire!

                                      Okey Dokey Doggie......We all know I wear different hats (and sometimes Doggles too!) From being New Mexico's Pet Travel Writer Extra-ordinaire where I keep my paws to the pavement checkin' out pet friendly places in New Mexico (and beyond too!) writin' about my adventures on my own dog-personal crazy dog-blog-travelogue.....

to even running for New Mexico Dog-Governor!

Let's take a paw-step back and review my dog-resume.... 

While workin' doggone hard as New Mexico's Dog Travel Guru...I caught the eye...and camera of Travel Guide New Mexico   and  dog-itioned  for my part in this great New Mexico travel show.  And after one test shoot....VOILA!  I've got my own TV segment......
                                                           JACK'S TRACKS!

Where I posed for the camera while reviewin' and reportin' on great hotels, B&Bs and resorts......
         exploring back country this great hike at Ghost Ranch! We dog-splored the state from top to bottom.
And then for my dog-blog-travelogue......I continued to "HIT THE ROAD JACK"
touring and reviewing....even stylin' in my Doggles while takin' a Trolley Tour in Albuquerque....but               dog-gardless where your paws take ya....

It's dog-portant to dress in style.  No matter WHAT you do or WHERE you go! 
Why you just never know WHEN you might be asked to be.......


..or win an award at the New Mexico Governor's Conference on Tourism!  For my dog-fabulous work in the PET TRAVEL arena

 or even be the Featured GUEST on the hottest Radio show in New Mexico...with the Queen of Radio..Miss Terrie Q.....on KKOB Radio ........

Why I even landed a modeling role in a Veterinary Video...NOT that I would recommend this modeling role to any of my pet friends!  Check out this video where I was the Subject of a specialized CCL surgery  
But let's not tary on this chapter of my life...I'd dog-rather move onto more happy adventures!

....Like when I traveled cross country this August for my 1st Dog-Speaker role
at BlogPaws a national conference for pets and pet professionals
my Canine Parter TANGO the Fire Safety dog....WOO-DOGGIE..what a trip!

From modeling role expanded to becoming a
 PetSmart product reviewer & Dog-Model.  Here I'm modeling the 2011 Martha Stewart Pet Costume line in my scary Skeleton costume! BOO!  Scared ya didn't I????? BOL!!!!!

or even modeling my new LeashLocket for the world to see too! 

Why each day brings a new opportunity for this bully bulldog model/canine TV & Video star/writer-blogger-speaker....and Dog Model!

You just never know WHERE I might show up!
Like in the recent Veterinary News Network video segment on 'PROTECTING YOUR PETS VISION"....check out that snazzy guy in the pic (and at the end of the video too!)

or highlighted as the FEATURED PET BLOGGER article on the BlogPaws website.....

Travelin' Jack's Blog's true..this pup is a hard workin' dog.....but never fear.....
I'm hot-to-trot for the next big adventure
Modeling role
ANYTHING else I haven't YET done

I'm here....Im always ready to be yer favorite goofy buddy.....Travelin' Jack!

But WHEN you need a Super Pup Star for something doggone grand...
.....Just get in touch with my Agent...And you know just who that would be
JILL...of course!

Doggie Hugs & Slurpy Kisses!

PS (PupScript)  Most of the photos in this article were taken by my fav photog...Ms Luanne Fabtabulous! 

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