Monday, November 21, 2011

Stuffin' is for Turkeys....not Doggies! Travelin' Jack's Thanksgiving Pet Tips

Travelin' Jack's almost Turkey Day...and EVERY dog knows that is one special day!  I know...I hafta be patient.....But in my family it means first....OVER THE RIO and THRU THE northern New Mexico we go! So...guess I'll have to pack my bags and my travel crate......ya know it's always impuptant for dogs to have their very own get-away rest space....especially when folks are gathered from near and far, making lots of noise and people talk and such!  Sometimes a dog just has to get away from all the hubbub and find a little quiet time....ya know?
So I recommend to all my fellow dog-travelers, take your Doggie Crate with you when you hit the gramma's house...or where-ever!  That way, you can slip away for a little dog-nap when the mood hits!

But first thing first.  We know this holiday is all about eatin'.  And since I'm travelin' this holiday, I'm gettin' out MY personal Dog-China....and it's a travelin' bowl set no less!  Check out these slick new Martha Stewart food containers.  My own tasty nibbles and kibbles packed in my nifty DOG FOOD handy dandy unbreakable measuring cup (gotta keep an eye on the calories even at THANKSGIVING ya know!)  and my brand new 5 piece Double Feeder Bowl Set. All by Martha Stewart. That talented celeb has created a whole line of Pet Products and dog-die for!  All by Martha Stewart and available at my very FAV pet store  Petsmart!

Check out this dog bowl.  First it starts with a non-skid shiftin' and slidin' during dinnertime ya know!?!  Then there are the stainless steel bowls that insert right inside the pretty white food bowl base.  And then...there's even an air-tight lid to keep my special food fresh and portable!  Just the handiest, dog-dandiest bowl set for DOGS ON THE GO! Like ME-Travelin' Jack!              
                     the day is here....and I'm READY doggone it!  What are we waitin' for anyway!  Oh you want some Pet Tips for the big day, eh? goes...straight from Travelin' Jack's lips!
1) NO TURKEY BONES!  Talk about dangerous for dogs!  And we DON'T want any Thanksgiving Day trips to the Veterinary emergency room now do we?  They can splinter, cause lots of problems and BIRD BONES are the worst!
2) NO RICH SIDE DISH LEFTOVERS. You know what I'm barkin' about.  Those yummy potatoes, gravy,  They just have LOTS of calories that us svelt pups don't need.  Much better to stick with our regular personal favorite dog food dinner for us pups.
3) CHOCOLATE. We all know that chocolate is not good for us canines...but sometimes guests (being very polite to their hostess) will bring a nice tasty box of chocolates for the big day.  And then they open it up...sample a chocolate before dinner...and then off they go on all their personal preparations.  Now stop right here and think about it from our pup-spective....There they are...all those heavenly chocolates sittin' pretty as can be....opened up on the coffee table!  And guess what else!  EASY for us pups to reach!  And before you know it.....yup....GONE!  Now you see what I mean don't ya?
4) FEED THE PETS FIRST!  I know, that sounds pup-spicious..but it's true.  Here's another Travelin' Jack gem.  IF you feed the dog first.....his own normal dog food (maybe with a special turkey canned food topping), let them enjoy their dinner,
then put them up before the BIG PEOPLE DINNER.  The pups are full and ready for a nap while you are dining!  Maybe a  post-dinner snooze in the ol' travel crate...maybe a nap in the guest bedroom...maybe even a little play time in the enclosed backyard!  Whatever means there will be no dogs under the table a-beggin'.....and much as I dog-claim NEVER to do this dog-dasterdly CAN happen from some less than perfect pups out there...just a-waitin for something to drop from the table!  And of course there are those KIDS too...who think the easiest way to get rid of the brussel sprouts is to hand it off to the dog.  Now THAT really IS not the dogs!   
AND THEN THE DINNER IS OVER....yer all stuffed with the stuffin...and other goodies...and what follows then? Tip Number.....

5) TAKE A WALK IN THE GREAT OUTDOORS! Nothin' better than workin' off all those calories than a good brisk hike...and talk about Happy Pups!  Well..this is just the cat's meouw.....or dog's bark...or somethin' like that.  But any way you look at it...everyone is happy on a walk!   
                                                                     Come on Roxie...let's GO!  But then after the walk.......'s time to put on the GAMES ON T-shirt....get comfy on the sofa...and turn on the TUBE for that Turkey Day Football game!  Even us DOGS have to have football on Thanksgivin' Day! 
                                                 .......So get over it! And just get ready for the BIG GAME!
...and just get ready for the BIG GAME!  Signin' off now.....the game's a-startin!

PS (pup-script).  If you follow my dog-vice with all these great turkey tips, you'll have one happy pup for the holiday celebrations.  AND also, PetSmart gifted me with all these great Martha Stewart products.  LUV 'em all!  And that's the doggone truth!

Doggie Hug, Slurpy Kisses....and HAPPY THANKSGIVING....all!