Wednesday, November 23, 2011

This Thanksgiving I'm Thankful for.......

                                                    Good Food  (Buffalo Thunder Resort)
My Family (The Jack & Jill Team)
I'm thankful for my adopted kitty brother OSCAR
                                                       and my Doggie Sister, Roxie
                                           My Two Footed Friends  (Los Alamos Fire Dept.)

                                                          My 4-Footed Friends  (Pepper & Cayenne---R.I.P.)
 My Conference Business Partners (Toni-PetSmart, Dayna & Tango the Fire Safety Dog)

                                            & My TV partners (Nikki & Kristin "New Mexico Style")

                                           I'm thankful for my Travel Adventures & Dog-personal Driver
 & My MANY Travel Adventures (Ghost Ranch)
         and OH-Did I say.....GOOD Food?  (Green Chili CheeseBurger Elkhorn Cafe Chama)

I'm doggone Thankful for Just Everything & Everyone! 

And here's hopin' you have a doggone HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

Doggie Hugs & Slurpy Kisses!

PS  Read my blog below for some sage bulldog Thanksgiving advice from your favorite bulldog reporter!

1 comment:

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