Thursday, November 17, 2011

New Mexico Style Rocks! says Travelin' Jack!

I made my second LIVE appearance on "New Mexico Style" on Kasa Fox TV today!  YuP it's true..this PUP is livin' the good life.  The Diva of Morning TV once again wowed this dog with her charm, her hugs and kisses..and compliments.  Guess I am fer SURE one lucky dog!

We chatted about lots of things..including my being a finalist in the 2011 New Mexico Book Awards.  But hey...why bark about it on the blog...instead just watch the video segment for yourself!

.  Tomorrow, November 18th is THE BIG NIGHT....when awards are announced!  I'm a-hopin' big time!  And IF I win....I'll be the 1st EVER Dog-Author to win a New Mexico Book Award!  So keep your fingers and paws crossed out there...all you Travelin' Jack fans and friends!  We'll let you know VERY soon!  In the meantime...I'm just gonna go get my beauty rest for tomorrow night....and I might just dream a doggie-dream about my Dream Gal, Nikki S!  MWAAAAHHH! That Jack-smack is just for you!!

Doggie Hugs & Slurpy Kisses


  1. I saw your interview -- you were awesome, Jack!

  2. Thanks Marianne! You are the dog's sumptin like that!