Friday, December 2, 2011

Travelin' Jack's Rules for Making the Most of Dog-mas!

 Okey dokie's time to get ready for Dog-mas!  VERY important in my dog-calendar.  So to ensure YOU get the most out of this season...take it from Travelin''s some rules for pup-etiquette during the holidays!
                                                  Always POSE for all those holiday photo ops!

DON'T mess with holiday might get in dog-trouble! 

 Make new friends....take some holiday goodies to your local shelter for the kids at the in-between home. They want to have happy howl-i-days too!  And you might just get to have a little meet-n-greet party too!
                                             Keep your paws off the goodies on the table!
                                          Make sure to share your new toys.!
                                   ALWAYS dress in your dog-finery for the festivities.
 Make sure you go shopping at your favorite pet store to ensure LOTS of toys under the Christmas tree for that good little 4-footed kid in your home!
                                             Dress warm for those fun winter holiday getaways!
Don't forget to take in ALL the great festivities in YOUR town...and take the pet with you for a doggone sure bet for a fun holiday

Happy Dogmas from your favorite travelin' pooch!

Doggie Hugs & Slurpy Kisses


  1. I like the first picture, the dog is so cute.

  2. LMAO .... those are funny. I like the don't mess with the decoration hint!!

  3. a bark out to both of you! Thanks for reading my blog!