Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Happy Howl-i-days!

WHOOIE Doggies! Have I been on the fast track this past month!  Why with SO many holiday happenings, awards, TV spots and more...my canine cranium is just a-whirlin'!  Here are a few of the hot holiday shindigs I participated in!  Take a few minutes out of YOUR busy holiday schedule and take a gander at some of my favorite events! 
 Starting with none other than my 2nd TV appearance with Nikki Stanzione on "New Mexico Style".   Hugs and kisses to my favorite TV diva!                 MWAAHH Nikki!
 Then from there it was off to the 2011 New Mexico Book Awards where my book "Travelin' Jack's Story...From Shelter to Star" was up for an award.  Here Jill and I are a-waitin' the big announcement.  Did I win?  Oh...the pressure....the pupsense....and

The WINNER!  YAH!  I pulled it off!  My book is WINNER in the Best Children's Activity Book of the Year category!  Thanks Paul & Barbe!  Thanks Judges!  Thanks adoring public!  I've got my 1st Pupscar! 
 And I am NOW the 1st EVER winning Dog-Author of New Mexico.....and just maybe the WORLD too!

I'm just so doggone happy....that I have to announce to EVERYONE about my win!  And where else..but my all-time dog-FAV radio show with the Queen of New Mexico's airwaves, Terrie Q.  Sayre on KKOB Radio.  Had to brag a bit about my big win....but what does the Radio Man--Dan Goss-- do while I'm there?  He makes me read the Traffic Report! Ah well...all in a dog's day of work! Guess they just know a dog-star when they see one!
 Off the air...onto the next event.  The Zia Arts & Crafts Christmas in New Mexico Show, where I'm doin' a paw-digraphing event.  Seems my fans are comin' on strong.  I'm just so doggone happy to always visit with my fans...the cute little ones........
 .......as well as the grown up ones!  Here's a Jack-SMACK for you Sweetums!  Luv this job!
 Whew, I'm dog-tired!  Maybe....a little down time for Thanksgiving...off we go to the Lodge in Chama for our holiday dinner.  Turkey....trimmings....pecan pie.......
 AH...just absorb those savory smells wouldja?  Don't know if I can wait or not.  BUT HEY what're you sayin' Jill?  This is JUST a photo shoot?  I don't get to eat dinner at the table with you? 

Doggone it....I'll just go pout while you enjoy your holiday dinner!

But now we move into December....and more holiday happenings.  Here Jill is riding the Christmas Train and reading her story "Cinder Bear and the Christmas Train" on board the Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad in Chama.  And who should appear but Cinder Bear himself!  Quite the handsome dude, isn't he?

A mad dash through the wintry wonderland from Chama back to Albuquerque....singin' "Let it snow...let it snow...let it snow......!" 
 On to my next paw-digraphing event at the Albuquerque Balloon Museum's Holiday Festival.....gotta get that photo in the mock-up Hot Air Balloon...how's this for a Holiday Photo?  PAW-fect!
and of course....more adoring Jack-fans.  Look at these two cuties....why I think they got their faces painted as holiday reindeer!  What's with that?  Why not a Travelin' Jack face painting? 

Whew, I think I need a break from all these holiday happenings.....December road trip! Got my holiday sweater on...cause we're heading NORTH to Durango Resort......a girls' getaway for Jill's Birthday.  (I think she just turned 29...at least that is what she's sayin!). 

Some tasty eatin' around the dining table with her good friends Marie and Linda...and me of dog-course!  Hey..do you know any other dog that would be invited to a Girls' Getaway!  HA..that's right ONLY Travelin' Jack!    
 Yep...I LUV bein' a travelin' dog.  Look at these views of the mountains from our balcony wouldja? Pretty doggone grand!

 Off for a day's trip to snowy Silverton Colorado....a dog-dandy little town tucked in the Rocky Mountains.

 and back at the resort....to make new friends of course.  Here's my latest INTERNATIONAL buddy...Maurice...from Brazil.  Hey...wanna know a secret Maurice?....listen up!
 and what visit to Durango Resort would be complete without a little fireside relax time! Yup....love this spot.....and I'm a-spreadin' my paws beyond New Mexico to the lovely state of Colorado.
Back to  New Mexico...and back to work..... gotta make a visit to the big man Santa Paws...at a fundraiser for one of my favorite...and BEST animal welfare organizations anywhere  PAWS AND STRIPES....helping dogs, helping heroes!  What a great cause and an even greater organization!  Thanks Santa Paws....I've been a good little dog this year...I dog-promise!

 ...and off now to yet another great holiday fundraiser.....TOYS FOR TOTS. Had to do my dog-share for the two-footed kids too ya know!  Think about all those little kids who get nice gifts thanks to the good Marines who organize this event.  You are MY newest HERO SSgt Lucas Rodriguez!


Here's an OsoBear Gift Pak with cuddly OsoBear and 3 of Jill's OsoBear activity books too. Hope it helps a little bit!

 But....now it's time to hit the road again......it's only December 13th....and there's more time for more holiday happenins' for this holiday pup!  In the meantime...here's wishin' YOU a very happy and busy holiday season!

Doggie Hugs & Slurpy Kisses!

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