Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I'm Dreamin' of a White Dog-mas....AND a Last minute Doggie Dash to PetSmart!

.It's beginnin' to look a lot like Dog-Mas....

"Why?" You ask.  Well for starters!  It snowed last night!  I woke up from my doggie dreams to see a New Mexico Winter Wonderland all around me!   
And for 2nds....I got a big box in the mail....a special dog-livery from PetSmart...filled with all sorts of special Dog-mas presents just for li'l ol' me...Travelin' Jack.  So...Thirdly....we opened that box up as fast as my paws could tear through the paper....and lo and behold!  There were some dog-dandy things inside from PetSmart

First gift...an oh-so snazzy Holiday Dog Collar....red, white & black checked with a holiday bell too! 
Had to put it on right away.....then we jumped in the car......... and headed for Elena Gallegos Park...one of my favorite hiking areas in Albuquerque...to test out my second gift from PetSmart...my oh-so dashing brand new Top Paws gray & blue striped sweater.....

Don't I look dog-onaire? 

   Right out of DGQ  (Dog-Gentlemen's Quarterly Fashion Mag for those of you not in the dog-know!)

I'm really stylin' for the winter time now.....and my sweater sure is cozy too!

Keeps the snow off my chest and tummy.....
and makes for a great outfit for snowplay.

Yup...this is one dog-dude cool sweater for real....I'd dog-recommend it to everyone to put THIS baby on your pup's  Dog-mas list!  But...before I call this romp in the snow a day.....let me just remind you that there is a doggone GOOD reason to.......

NEVER-ever EAT the yellow snow.....if you get my DRIFT!...and I'm not talkin' snow drift here!  Trust me and just take my bark advice!   

But...HEY...now that I've had all this fun playin'in the snow in my snazzy new sweater...it reminds me that  I need to go shoppin' for all those pups and cats on MY list! And for that last minute dash before Dog-mas,  PetSmart is THE place to shop....
    Our Growth means opportunity for you.
...for ALL those holiday MUST HAVES for the pets on my list!

So...I dog-cide to be a Secret Santa Paws shopper....I put on my disguise-a crazy Christmas Tree hat...to make sure no dog recognizes me.... 

 But I don't get far because I fall in luv right away with the HOTTEST dog toy around this Dog-mas season...at the LUV-A-PET display,  Take a look at those stuffed cuties would'ja?  I WANT ONE OF THOSE!  Are you listenin' Santy Paws?  PULeeze?
 Or maybe I want one of THESE toys!  Let me grab that and throw it in the shopping cart. It's the perfect toy for my buddy FIDO....or maybe I'll just keep it for me!
 And here's another bin of dog-dandy toys....I'm thinkin' Winnie or Minnie might like one of these dog toys....or maybe I'll just keep it for me!
 ...and then there's the CAT toy display!  I gotta get something nice for my kitty brother Oscar...but HEY...I hope that no one is watchin' me looking at CAT toys!  Dog forbid!  I'd be the laughin stock at the dog park!
 Any one lookin?  Coast is clear....Let me get one quick and get away from this Kitty Display!
 Ah...now this is more like it!  Look at all these great stuffed squeaky toys!  I'll get one for my pup buddy Chica.....or.....
 maybe I'll just get it for me!

But then I got caught!  One of those really HELPFUL PetSmart associates saw me checkin' out all the merchandise.  He seemed to understand that this place can just be overwhelming to a dog...so Xavier...that's his name....He and I became great friends right off..and he volunteered to help me out with my PetSmart shopping.  Thanks Xavier...You're a Dog-send!  Couldn't do it without you!

First stop!  Back to the LUV-A-PET display.  He seemed to know that I was in dog-luv with these toys!  And he got one down for me to test out...you know ALL GOOD STORES need a trusty tester! And I can do that job just dog-dandy!

BUT here's the REAL scoop on this great stuffed animal!  CHANCE is the name of this great plush toy....It's also the BARGAIN of the 2011 pet shopping season!  Only $5 for this soft, luvable  doggie or kitty (your choice).....but it's also.......drum roll here.......the moneys from the sale of CHANCE go to the PetSmart Charities...to help out the 4-footed kids in the shelters!  WoW!  Now THAT is a really cool thing all the way around!  I just gotta get one....or two....or a dog-zillion of these plush pups just so that I can help out the shelter kids!

But I think I'd better test out this babe up close...It's oh-so-SOFT....it definitely passes the Cuddle Test...it Squeaks just fine....it's adogable to look at.....but maybe most of all...... 
                                                         It's just very SHAKE-able! 
YUP it passes the Jack Test!  4-PAWS up for LUV-A-PET toys! Available this holiday season at YOUR neighborhood PetSmart! 

Give a pet a great gift for just $5 bucks....AND help the shelter kids too!
  LUV-A-PET.......Now THAT is the HOT TIP of the 2011 Season! Hurry and get yours before they sell out....cause they're sure to fly off those shelves fast!
 Xavier finally convinced me that we needed to look at other items besides the LUV-A-PET...so off we went on a tour of the entire store!
 He showed me MORE great toys.  Now I could get that for Duke....or maybe just for me!
 Then Xavier...the pet-ultimate Associate reminded me that maybe we should check out the PetSmart clothing line too!  So we headed over to that area of the store....
 Talk about choice!  For the pet with haute coutoure.....this is THE spot!  Yes, Xavier... I dog-definitely like the blue one!  NICE!
 And while we were a-touring the store.....what do we pass by...but the Grooming Salon.  Yup-Pup..that's right!  PetSmart has EVERYTHING pet-imaginable!
Wow..take a look at that wouldja!  Fine job on that Poodle ma'am! I'm sure dog-pressed!

 And then we stopped by the Banfield Veterinary Hospital......right inside PetSmart!  And they have extended hours.  I KNOW because one evening I got a really bad earache...and we came here.  The Vet took great care of my ears...and Voila! I'm well again quicker than you can bark a bark!  Pretty doggone cool in my books!

Xavier..you've been a great help to me today....I've done my shoppin'....and I'm doggone pooped out! PLUS I have to dog-cide when I get home whether I should GIVE these great gifts away...or just keep 'em all for me......a real dog-lemma!

I've got a headache just thinkin' about all this so I'll just head home for a little dog-nap.
and I'll dream a little doggie-dream about what Santa Paws is gonna leave in my Stocking this year!  I've been a REAL good little doggie, Santa Paws...I dog-promise!
I just hope he leaves me lots of toys and goodies from PetSmart..but MOST of all I hope he leaves me a plush LUV-A-PET by the name of CHANCE!  Maybe even 2 one Kitty and one Puppy...now THAT would be PAWsome!

ZZZZZing off for now.........

Doggie Hugs & Slurpy Kisses!

PS/PupScript-PetSmart gifted me with the collar, the striped sweater and CHANCE, the Luv-A-Pet.  I how-dog-ever, dug deep in my doggie bank account and bought lots of OTHER great toys at PetSmart-for my 4-footed friends.....or maybe I'll just keep em for me!  Thanks PetSmart! LUV YA!  My dog-personal favorite PetSmart store is located in Albuquerque on Academy Road.

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