Wednesday, October 19, 2011

TINKER-TASTIC!!!!! Treasures, Tours and Trying out Tip-Top Raingear

Dawg-o-Dawg....did I make a dog-dandy find!  As you might think...most museums are not pet-friendly.  Now let me dog-iterate...MOST museums.  Well. this snoop-dog-doggie found a 'tinkertastic' find in a pet-friendly museum...right outside Albuquerque!  It's none other than the ONE...the ONLY...the TOTALLY amazing Tinkertown Museum.

What started out as a hobby for folk artist Ross Ward (R.I.P.)....transitioned into a one-of-a-kind museum of tiny treasures of folk Americana.  Tinkertown Museum has been open to the public since 1962. Today it provides lots of fun exploration and discovery to groups, tourists...even DOGS...and that there gets Travelin' Jacks PAWS UP review.  
I was greeted by Owner Carla Ward...right from the dog-get-go.  She started pointing out all sorts of fun things to explore....from ground to the ceiling...treasures tucked inside walls made of glass and other neat shiny stuff...why there's a dog-zillion things to discover and explore in this inside/outside fun museum!
Tinkertown..known for its miniature displays of hand carved Americana folk art is sure to delight kids of all ages...and even kids with 4-feet. 
I had SO-O-O-O much fun dog-sploring the treasures tucked around...and because the museum goes from inside to......
to back inside again

...over boardwalks...

and even walkways with all SORT of fun stuff stuck in the cement (horshoes, license plates and more)
Why there's even places to rest along the way....and maybe a pup-photo-shot or two as well....'s this pooch's best advice 

"KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN....there's something FUN everywhere you LOOK"

Now I know you are a-thinkin' "This is doggone good advice comin' from the #1 Pet Travel Reporter...Travelin' Jack" and of course you would be right....BUT just in case you are one of those doubtin' Thomases.......Take a gander at this FACTOID

"In 2010, Tinkertown was listed as one of the TOP TEN small museums in America by Fox News and Huffington Post on Trip Advisor"

and it's all true...AND folks come from all parts of the world to visit Tinkertown Museum!                Including Travelin' Jack!

YUP...I'm pretty doggone proud of myself.  I sure did dog-scover one heck-of-a-find in this Pet-Friendly Museum!  But...hey....don't drag your paws.....Tinkertown Museum is only open through the end of October...and then they re-open in April 2012. last bark of advice....
"GET TRACKIN' to TINKERTOWN MUSEUM...and take your pup along for the adventure!
Tinkertown Museum is an easy and scenic drive from Albuquerque.....located at the base of bee-u-tiful Sandia Mountains....and HEY...that gives me an idea!! 
While we're here...let's explore Sandia Crest!   
So we headed out the driveway from Tinkertown Museum straight up the highway....
...from a warm October day to a chilly drop in temps the higher we went!  A good 20 degrees cooler. 
And now with our warmer gear on, we headed up to Sandia Crest--a scenic, drive (4880 ft) from Tijeras to the highest point (10,640 ft.) on the Sandia Mountains!
...And what did we encounter enroute? 
 We lost our sun and found the FOG....take a look at that view would you...why we went so high we drove right into the clouds! 

And guess what else!  That gave me the dog-dandy opportunity to try out my brand new....
Marth Stewart  Windbreaker! 
No dog about it...this snazzy jacket kept me warm....dry...and wind free at the top of Sandia Crest
where we stopped to catch the views...well maybe NOT such fabtabulous views today on this misty mountain top....BUT we did find out that not only is my Martha Stewart Windbreaker comfortable and also kept me dry!
 and one of the dog-dandiest features of this high Fashion Garment?  Check out this's NOT just a handy dandy pocket on the back.....but when you are done exploring the great outdoors in your folds up into a self-pocket for easy storage!  Now THAT'S what I call good thinkin' Martha!  You got the whole thing covered! 

Pretty keen addition to my wardrobe!  And you can get one for your pooch too!  They come in sizes for the teeniest pup to the giant pooch!..and different colors too for that fashion concious canine in your family! And WHERE can you get it? Why where else but MY favorite pet store...PetSmart of dog-course!  EXCLUSIVELY at PetSmart too!

But now it's time to call this dog-venture a day..
.and back down the highway we go.....away from the clouds and rain...back into the beauty of fall along New Mexico's mountain byways and highways.  So while the Aspens are still golden, the days are still warm, and Fall is in full might just want to take a scenic drive along the Turquoise Trail Scenic won't be disappointed...I Dog-Guarantee!

Yup-Pup...this was one tinkertastic day!  From Treasures and Tinkertown Tours to Trying out Tip-Top rain-gear...this dog  has it all wrapped up to a T. 

Doggie Hugs and Slurpy Kisses!

PS.  My Martha Stewart Windbreaker was gifted to me by PetSmart.  Thanks PetSmart...another doggone grand find!

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