Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Mad over MADRID and Glad about my new BLING-BLING!

It's a beautiful Fall Day in the Land of Dog-chantment (that is NEW MEXICO for you furrigners out there in my dog-blog world!)  So....I barked out an order to Jill....."Let's hit the road Jill....and see what's out there to dog-splore!"

Being the wise gal that she is....she says back to me "OK....Let's Hit the Road Jack.....but let's try out this brand new LeashLocket that just arrived in the mail for you!"   Of Dog-Course....how could I resist that deal!  So, we took it out of the packet....read the instructions.....put it on snap-snap-snap....then we jumped in the car and off we went.

 Now, you, my curious friends might just be a-sayin' about this time....."What is a LEASHLOCKET?" Now that is a doggone good question...and one worth answering.  It's a new-fangled dog-vention that is-- to put it simply-- "A RETRACTABLE LEASH IN A LOCKET"....and it "LETS YOUR DOG CARRY THE LEASH FOR A CHANGE!"  Now how's that for a grand idea!  Hmmmmm.  Looks pretty snazzy too!  And we all know this pup loves to style...in style...so this new little locket might just be the BLING-BLING for li'l ol' me!

But does it work?  Now THAT is the question of the day.....so let's check her out OKAY?  We headed straight over to pick up my people-brother,  Matt for this special dog-day-research and outing. Went straight to the city park to see what this LeashLocket is all about.  Now before I tell you more...you might just want to check out this video on the LeashLocket link   and see it in full action. 

 But here follows Travelin' Jack's say-so about the LeashLocket.
One quick push of the LOCK/UNLOCK button...and VOILA...the leash appears right like it should!                                    

                                      You can make the leash LONG (up to 6 feet)

or SHORT....however you want it to be for comfort sake.
 AND...drum roll here....even though it is light in weight....it IS sturdy. Why it handled my 73 muscly-muscle pounds just fine! FURTASTIC! (Hint....it comes in 2 sizes.  The Small size securely holds dogs and withstands a pull force of up to 170 pounds, while the Large size is for dogs up to 90 pounds and can withstand a whopping 280 pounds of pull force).  And talk about color!  I have RED...but it also comes in  blue, black and pink...for starters...and I hear through the dog-vine that the inventor plans on adding a whole array of custom colors soon....for you picky pup types out there!

 If you want to romp in the park WITHOUT a leash (mind you...you MUST be a good-behaved pooch to do this!), just click-click the retractable leash...and back it goes into the locket!  Now that is just Dog-Dandy in my books! This is the part about the "dog carrying the leash"  Pretty doggone cool eh?

 Okee-dokey doggie!  We've tested out this LeashLocket-my new FAV Bling....so let's hit the road JACK!
And now this might just be Jill's FAVORITE thing about my snazzy new LeashLocket!   Once in the car...no fuss...no unsnapping leashes......just retract the leash into the locket.....and snap the locket right onto the handy-dandy magnetic rivet that comes in the package and snaps around nearly any collar or harness!

And there you have it!  All these totally canine-cool tricks up my leash....and I do look pup-handsome in it too....if I do say so my dog-self!
Don't you agree?

But the day's awastin'...and this travel writer dog needs to hit the road! So off we go on a day trippin' dog-scursion to Madrid New Mexico! Is it Dog-Friendly I wonder?  Let's find out!

 Madrid (for those of us in the know here in New Mexico, the name rhymes with MAD....so if you wanna be- like- with it....DON'T for dawg sakes say Mudrid (like the town in Spain!)...just a hint from this dog-scoverer and travel reporter)!
Madrid is an old mining town tucked in the Ortiz Mountains along the Turquoise Trail....just East of Albuquerque and just south of Santa Fe.  Today..this cute little historic mining town has turned artsy...and is filled with great galleries and such! AH YES...MADRID!  Worth checking out!

Main Street Madrid...or Highway 14...or the Turquoise Trail.....check out all these cute shops...aw-oh....this MAY be trouble if we let Jill get away from us here!  You know how those shop-a-holics can be...and Madrid looks like it's chock full of fun and neat gifts to take home....but hey...we came here on a pet mission remember? 

                                                          Is Madrid Dog-Friendly?
AHA! Take a look at that sign wouldja?  It's a Dog-Crossing Sign!  WoW!  Now THAT's what this dog reporter likes to see! You rock Madrid!  And I don't mean the turquoise kind...but you rock there too!
While we're here in Madrid we better get some history.....look at this old-tyme mining museum.  It's the Old Coal Mine Museum....and right next to it is the Mine Shaft Restaurant & Tavern...that even has a Melodrama Theatre....and of dog-course....they welcome bikers too!  and there's lots of grand snoopin' areas for dogs around the area too!
Hey...what's this here? Why it's an Ore Cart from the old mining days.... 

Hmmm...wonder if there's any silver in this ore....ore maybe some turquoise...I could use some more bling on my collar I'm a-thinkin'.
Madrid is one cool-dude town...why it is so friendly that even Hollywood came a callin' here a few years back. They filmed scenes from the movie Wild Hogs right here in Madrid at Maggie's Diner!   

Yes....history, art, even Hollywood loves Madrid....and me too! I think I'm comin' back soon to check out Madrid at Christmas time...I hear through the dog-vine that there's a mighty dandy Christmas Festival here in this little village in the mountains.  Yep...fer sure....I'll be bark....er BACK again!

But for now...I'm calling this a day......back in the car with my back seat view...and my new favorite LeashLocket all tucked back inside the locket....and I'm one doggone happy li'l traveler.  Yup...it's a ruff life..but some pup has gotta do it!

Doggie Hugs and Slurpy Kisses!

PS (which means Pup-Script)
The LeashLocket was gifted to me by LeashLocket Ltd. and is available in pet stores (like PetSmart)!  The LeashLocket....isn't this one dog-dandy invention!?!  Top-Dog in my book!

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