Thursday, September 20, 2012

24 Hours in the Life of a Pet Travel Reporter

                   As you all know, I am New Mexico's Top Dog Pet Travel Reporter!  
And with that fancy-dog-dancy title...there's WORK to be done!  Today Jill and I are heading to RUIDOSO New Mexico for some meetings,  some travel research....and some fun along the way too doggone it! Ruidoso is a great destination....a "cool" mountain getaway...Just the spot for a hot summertime escape......
Let's GO!  This is gonna be 24 hours of FUN!
We're headin' south from Albuquerque to Ruidoso...but don't let that fool you. 
Ruidoso is a Rocky Mountain dream destination....take if from this savvy traveler.
.....But maybe we should check out some hot travel spots enroute BEFORE we have to work!
Another doggone Good Idea by this Pet Travel Guru!  
Let's swing by another Rocky Mountain get-away.....Cloudcroft.  And you can't come to Cloudcroft without checking out....or maybe checking IN to the Lodge At Cloudcroft. WoW!  Take a look at this beauty wouldja?  You're not givin' up any luxury and pampering when you check into this historic Lodge....I hear they even have a ghost named Rebecca!  HMMMMM.....sounds like a job down the road for my ghost-buster buddies.....maybe a Murder Mystery weekend?  But right now....this dog has work to do! 
                                             SO ON WE GO
                                             TO RUIDOSO! 
                                         (I'm a rhymin' dog too....pretty clever don't you think?)
First stop....Meeting time at the Ruidoso Convention Center.'s true I DO hafta work for my bones!  Here I am at a top-dawg meeting with New Mexico's finest Tourism Leaders for one of their very dog-portant meetings with the Tourism Association of New Mexico.

NOTE: you don't see any other dogs here do you?  That's right by doggies!  This pooch---Travelin' Jack (New Mexico's ONLY award winning tourism dog...EVER!) .... is THE only dog invited to these important meetings......Shhhhhh.....gotta listen up now...the meeting is starting! 

 Meeting's OVER...YAH!  My brain is sure full.........time to check into the hotel for our evening events....and that would be none other than the dog-fabulous...and VERY pet friendly......

                                                                Lodge at Sierra Blanca. 
CHECKIN' IN.......I'm ready already!  Now don't expect me to carry my luggage....OR me either to the room do you?  Not this dog!  I'm PooPed out from all that thinkin' at the meeting! 
A quick check into my room.....nice bed!

And hey what's this?  My own patio.....let's check this out! (nothing gets past this snoop dog reporter!)

Bark about A ROOM WITH A VIEW!  Wouldja look at that?!?!!!! 

Mountains....why there's even a golf course out there....pretty doggone snazzy in my dog-pinion!  YUP....I've been here before...but first time in the summer.  This is one lovelee spot for a cool mountain vacation!

But it's back to work for this dog reporter.....gotta get some work in before the evening Cocktail reception.  Nice work set up....let me get my laptop out....and start typing away so's I can join the evening fun on the veranda! 

DONE.....and now it's time for this workin' dog to get replenished. SUPPER!  And look at this snazzy kitchen set up in our suite!  NICE!

OK...on to the reception.  Gotta hob-nob a bit with the tourism VIPs....ya' know that is very dog-portant!  Gotta keep an ear to the BUZZ on what's happenin' around the state to stay Top Tourism Dawg ya know!  I'm keepin' the low down to get the scoop! (HA! They think I'm just relaxin!)

  Who's this little Doll?! is OVER  for this pup!  I'm in LUV!  Met up with Miss Sammie here....... Whaddya say, Sammie......
Let's lose this pop stand...leave the gabbin' to the others...and go explore together!

A hike around the property is always nice.....hmmm, nice green lawn and sidewalks throughout......
and even a golf course right here too! Pretty handy-dog-dandy for those golfin' fools!

But dog-self...and I...well I'd rather hang with a sweet young thing like Miss Sammie here....Ya know it's doggone important in this life to "stop and smell the flowers"....don't you agree?  And they even have some bloomin' buds to enjoy....eye level just for me I'm a-thinkin'!

But I'm windin' down a bit...time to take some weight off my paws......aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh! Nice!
  Now THIS is my idea of a great way to end the workin' day...wouldn't you dogree? 

A quick walk through the Lobby on my way to my room.....hmmm, maybe I'll toast my toes a bit by the fire......

......and then back to my room with a view !  There's just nowhere like Ruidoso and the Lodge at Sierra Blanca (see those Sierra Blanca Mountains in the background?).  YUP-PUP  I think I've just found heaven!

But now it's time to retire back to my little home-away-from-home suite......first I'll rest my weary bones in front of the fire in our suite this cool summer's eve.
and then catch up on some news on the ol' telly....NAW..this dog is watchin' Animal Planet for THE latest scoop in the animal world.......

Time to call it a day.  Wonder what tomorrow morning will bring.......Night Night!

MORNING TIME and Breakfast with my friend Sharon!  Now here's the top-dog scoop of the morning!  The Lodge at Ruidoso offers up this dog-tastic hot breakfast buffet!.....and I....a DOG (I know...hard to believe!)  .... can even join in on this tasty morning gathering outside on the Veranda! 
But WAIT  ....where's MY plate?

OKay...that's better!  CHEERS to a tasty breakfast AND another bee-u-tiful day in Ruidoso!

Breakfast is tummy is full from all the DEE-licious food!  Time to get my Morning walk in....along with takin' care of business...HEY WHAT'S the deal here!  I need to GO!
OK....Here we go....a handy-dandy fire hydrant RIGHT behind the Lodge!  Now THAT is what I call PeT-Friendly! 

And check this out!  RIGHT behind the Lodge is the mighty fine Ruidoso Dog Park!.....easy walking distance from the room! Thanks Ruidoso and the Thanks Lodge at Sierra thought of everything for us travelin' pups!  Doggone Cool!

Time to check out...oh so sad...

...but not before I check out this dandy circle settee in the Lobby!  Yup...passes the Pup Test!

Bye-Bye Ruidoso (FOR NOW...I'm sure comin' back I dog-guarantee!)

And we're on the road again......but not before catchin' a few other sites around town.  Here's the world famous Spencer Theater.....NICE!
But I'm a history buff  and I'm ready to take in a bit of the past.  So let's go check out Ft. Stanton while we're here in the Ruidoso area.

I can just hear those drums and see those soldiers marchin', can't you?  Pretty doggone cool...and they let us dogs visit here too!  Yah Doggies!

Yup Pup....RUIDOSO rocks!  This was 24 hours of FUN and WORK!   And this fabulous New Mexico destination get's Travelin' Jack's famous 5-PAW rating!  But hey...don't take my bark for it!  Check it out yourself....Soon!


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