Saturday, April 28, 2012

High Steppin' To HIGH STYLE!

                                          And High Style is Just about to go to the DOGS! 

That's read it HERE and you read it FIRST!  The 1st EVER 4-FOOTED FASHION SHOW is in the makings!

This TV hound has done it again!  I, Travelin' Jack have barked the news to all my friends at KASA Fox TV that it's time for the Pups to hit the Red Carpet in Style!  Why we dogs after all know what FASHION is all about too!  And we've got LOTS of friends that can help bring out the best when it comes to fashion!

So...without further I meant further ADO....your's truly, Travelin' Jack  will be hosting the 1st EVER 4-FOOTED FASHION SHOW this coming Wednesday, May 2nd....right here on Channel 2, KASA Fox TV!  Along with the hostess with the favoritEST of them ALL, Miss Nikki Stanzione, we'll be showing off HIGH FASHIONED HOUNDS!     

So what does THIS dog do to prepare for a High Fashion TV shoot?  Well, what else, but drop in to my favorite resort for a little R&R and 'pup prep' before the big day.  And that would of dog-course be Buffalo Thunder Resort in Santa Fe!
                                                      First Stop- Wo' P'in Spa
Gotta get a PAW-dicure!  Why no dawg that NOSE fashion like this one knows fashion would dare be caught on the red carpet without his nails done to paw-fection!
 And then a little Massage.....aaaahhhh! Now THAT's what I'm a-barkin' about!  Paw-fect again!

A little relaxin' by the pool before the big show.  Now THIS is the Life!  Buffalo Thunder dog-definitely know how to treat a guest!  4-footed or 2-footed...this is the DAWG!

 OKee Dokee Doggie...NOW this dog is ready for THE SHOW!  I'm not gonna tell you ANY more right now...not even if you say pup-purty please!!!!! 

Yer JUST gonna have to tune into KASA FOX TV on Wednesday to see what all this furry fuss is about!  AND you Won't be disappointed...I dog-guarantee!  8 AM Sharp  ya hear?

Doggie Hugs & Slurpy Kisses! 

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