Wednesday, May 9, 2012

It's National Pet Week T.H.A.N.K.S.

                                                              It's National Pet Week
And with that said (barked!) let's CELEBRATE and say  T.H.A.N.K.S.!                             

T. ravelin' Jack says THANKS to all the people and pets in his life!  A big SLURPY kiss to ALL the folks who take care and love pets every single day!  That includes my very own Jill (Happy Dog-Mother's Day Jill!),  my Kitty Bro...Oscar, and Ms. Barbara (and everyone else too) at the Albuquerque City Shelter who make sure all those homeless kitties and puppies find FURRever families and homes! It's S.O.O.O doggone important! 

H. ugs & Kisses to your pets!  You've heard that old dog-saying:  "A Kiss A Day Keeps the Vet Away!" haven't you?  Well, make sure you give at least one a day (or MORE dog-preferably!) to your favorite furry friends!  Just THINK about all the hugs and kisses they give YOU every day of their lives! 

A. uthors (including Dog-Authors) write about Pets all the time!  Have you bought your favorite Animal Story Book lateley?  If not......this is a hint! 
We had LOADS of fun with children's authors and LOTS of Kool Kids at the New Mexico Children's Fair this past weekend!  Lots of storytelling...and even this Dog-Author (that would be ME of dog-course!) was there for the action! So go buy a Book about a Pet and read it to a kid to celebrate our special week!

N. ew Mexico Style sure knows how to celebrate National Pets Week too! Why just look at how often they invite me on their show to celebrate everything 4-footed and furry.  Check out our dog-fabulous 4-FOOTED FASHION SHOW last week!

Now if THAT isn't celebrating Pets...I don't know what is!  Thanks "New Mexico Style"  That would be Nikki...Kristin...Elias....Kenny...and the whole doggone gang at KASA Fox TV!  You sure do know how to treat a  pet in fine "New Mexico Style"!

K. issin' during National Pet Week is doggone fer-sure allowed!  Doesn't matter if it's a kiss from a furry cuzin...or a people or who...JUST make sure you dole out those kisses to PETS this week!  They deserve it...doggone it! 

S.ave a Pet!  Now THAT would be a really cool thing to do on National Pet Week!  Maybe you should go to the Shelter to get that perfect pet for your this little Adorable Adoptable Dog who hit the runway on her big debut at the Adopt-A-Thon at the New Mexico Children's Fair!  GOOD NEWS!  SHE WAS ADOPTED! cool is that!  But don't dog-spair...there are plenty of other cool pets waiting at the shelter for you to bring them to your...and their new forever home!
Can't adopt?  Well you can still help out. 

  • By Donating "bucks for bones" for the furry kids. 
  • By Volunteering for your favorite animal welfare group. 
  • By telling your friends about all the cute 4-footed kids waiting for a family (when they are ready to get a pet). 
  • By bringing goodies, food and supplies to your favorite shelter!'s true.  Everyone can get in on the action this National Pet Week!  So take Travelin' Jack's advice....celebrate the week with your best friend....a furry pet of any size, shape,!
for celebratin' this special week!  We PETS sure do appreciate it!  MWAAAAAH!!!
Doggie Hugs and Slurpy Kisses! 


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