Friday, May 25, 2012

And a Doggone Grand Time was Had at the 2012 Governor's Conference on Tourism in TAOS!

Well, if it hasn't been a busy week....let me tell you.. I didn't even have time to PAWSe for a know what a hard workin' dog I am.  As New Mexico's Spokes-dog for Tourism I MUST attend New Mexico's annual tourism conference and this year....lucky for ALL of was in Taos

It's one heck of a great New Mexico destination.  If ya haven't gone yet...pack yer bags and head to the hills!  In my's just TAOS-rrific! And pet friendly too!  From lodging to parks to historic plazas...Fido is even welcome to browse in many of the local galleries and shops.  Why some even have water bowls outside for all our furry travelers!  Pretty doggone friendly in my book!    

But this here's a workin' trip for this let's get trackin' to the details!  First stop  Quality Inn Taos...our home away from home!
Taos, NM Hotel | Quality Inn
Right on the main street...easy access to everything including the historic Taos Plaza....southwestern style decor mixed dog-delightfully with the anticipated comforts of a Quality Inn!
Check in...then off to check out the room!  OK...this chair is just dog-dandy!  LUV it!
 Our King sized Room was comfy cozy...and pretty too!  Don't you dog-gree?  It's sure dog-portant to get a good night's rest before the big meetings...and Quality Inn has this fur-sure covered! 

AND the entire property   is pet no worrying about no room at this inn for Fido!   Pretty darn good!  And only a $7 per day pet fee too!  Now that is just dog-reasonable!  Thanks for being so pet friendly Quality Inn Taos....loved my stay here!

But you know what my FAVorite thing was at the Quality Inn?   

Check this out!  My room had a front AND a back door.  And the back door opened up to the nice green lawn, picnic and pool area.  Now you tell me what DOG in his right mind wouldn't do dog-flips over this!  Double-Dog NICE!

Next morning...after a good night's sleep and a tasty breakfast included in the room we go to the conference.  Now I hafta admit somethin' right here..right now!  I was SO caught up in schmoozing and visitin' folks and such that I hardly had time to get any pics...That's how doggone grand this big tourism shindig was!  
Meeting time.....gotta look smart and pay attention to the speakers!  But of course there's still time to get some one-on-one time with the dog-portant folks at the meeting.  Here I am with Mr. Johnnie Riley of Bowlin know those gi-normous signs along the highway called billboards?  Well that would be him and his company!  I had to be extra specially nice to him...who knows maybe...just maybe I..Travelin' Jack...will be on one of those board bigger than life some day!  (Well we can always dream, right?) 

Tradeshow time!  Gotta visit all the booths...and EVERYONE along the way too!  Why here I have a new friend who's sharing her glass of water with me!  No dry mouth for this dog--no way!  

And just in case yer a-wonderin' about THIS pic....well Jill and I slipped out for a little fishin' too!  (NOT!)  In dog-truth THIS was one fun stop at the New Mexico Tourism booth at the Trade Show.  You could get your photo snapped..then those camera wizards somehow, some way inserted our heads into the pic!  VOILA!  It was all planned to promote their "Get The Picture" contest....

and of course you remember that this dog is workin' hard to win this doggone fun contest!  I'm a-zippin' all over the state with Jill takin' pics to Match their 100 vintage photos!  WHEW...have we put some miles on the ol' car and some dust on the old paws!  But we are havin' just TOO doggone fun for one dog....let me tell you!  I highly dog-recommend you check out the GET THE PICTURE contest...and get in on the fun!

But back to the conference....just as I'm settlin' into the get it right?....they have this special luncheon called the T.I.A.R.A. Awards luncheon. Let me splain to you that it stands for  Tourism Industry Association Recognition Awards.....yup-pup...this dog knows...cause that is where I got my award in 2010! 

So's I'm just a-mindin' my own dog-business during the awards...and all of a team...that would be the North-Central Region Tourism Board   ..hears them call out our name! We won! YAH! So we have to go get our award!

Whoo-Doggies...ain't that just the cat's meow....or the dog's bark in my case! 

Look at my Team wouldja?  I'm so doggone proud to be a four-footed member of this dog-dandy team!  WAY to go Guys...yer makin' me look good!  LUV YA!                                                             dog-braggin' from this dawg...NO WAY!  Thanks Team!  Thanks NM Tourism Dept!  Thanks T.A.N.M.

And then there was the GRAND FINALE!  The Hall of Fame Banquet!  Each year they induct someone VERY important and famous to be recognized....this year it was a DOUBLE treat!  The attendees at the event were entertained by the world-renowned Taos Flautist and Singer and Actor, Robert Mirabal!  Here he is doing his bee-u-tiful entertaining!  He is really something.....and the best part you ask?  Well HE...Robert Mirabal was the 2012 Inductee into the Hall of Fame!  Way to go Robert!  You deserve it...and more!  We all LUV you big time! 

Talk about a dog-dandy way to end a grand conference!  YUP-PUP...lots of good times were had by all!  So after the big-shindig was done....Jill and I did what we like to do the best!  We hit the road for some good touring of our fav state...New Mexico!  So off we went!  First stop.....Taos Ski Valley!  Even though it's post-ski's still a doggone bee-utiful place to visit!  Here I am checkin' out the scene!

Nice eh? 

Then off we go to the Taos Plaza!  Where OF DOG-COURSE I have to dog-personally welcome some Colorado-ans (is that a word or did I just dog-vent that!?!)  who were some really nice folks.  We exchanged some friendly words....I gave them some dog-vice on what to do and where to go in New Mexico.  And just maybe...we'll come up and visit you in Colorado some day too!!!
Now...time to hit the road.....get in some spectacular scenery......
  like here in The Cimarron area.....That's one big Rock-Cliff if I do bark so myself!  Pretty dog-pressive! 

.....passed by some historic buildings in old Cimarron town...

 ...cruisin' on over to Raton to get a birds-eye view of the town from WAY up high by their gi-normous RATON sign!  You can see it from Heaven I do dog-believe!  Pretty far down there if ya ask this dog!

I just love travelin' New is one doggone dandy state if ya ask this pup! as we are all cruisin' into Memorial Day weekend!  Here's to all of you! Have a SAFE and happy weekend!  And remember our Veterans all!  Even the 4-footed ones!  Travelin' Jack salutes you all!  
Doggie Hugs & Slurpy Kisses! 

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