Friday, June 1, 2012

Let's PAWSE for a commercial announcement!

I's hard to get important details into the mix when you are running the road in search of adventure...but doggone it...some dawg's gotta do it!  And I think I do it pretty darn dog-ficiently too!

But ya know....a dog has to have LOTS of support to do the job right!  And I know the BEST when I see it!  Soooooooo.....with that barked out loud, I'd like to give a 4-paws salute to some of my BFFs in the business!  Here goes to my Top Dawg Supporters!
1)  Every dog has his day...and should be spiffed up in a dog-dandy way!  I, Travelin' Jack have the BEST groomer anywhere.....and before I hit the TV cameras, I want to make sure I am lookin' good!  So GROOMINGDALES is the place for pups to go when gittin' ready for the ritz!

..and it is always my 1st Stop!  Here I am with the dog-fabulous Miss official groomer! From shampoo....ahhh that's the SPOT...yah!

to the rub down. Luv this bet your doggies! This is one top-dawg treatment!Why I even get a new bandanna at the end of the whole dog-&-kaboodle deal!  WoW! Now that's what I call service!  Thanks Miss Rose...and your whole doggone team at Groomingdale's!  You know how to make a dog feel like a STAR!

Oh that's right I AM a STAR!  And what pup wouldn't be doggone proud to be part of the "New Mexico Style" team on Kasa Fox 2!  Luv ya guys....Nikki.....Kristin...Elias....and ALL you fab cameramen and ladies makin' it happen behind the scene--you know who you are!  See....all us stars know how to make it LOOK easy...but here's a paw-up to the whole crew at KASA Fox TV and "New Mexico Style"! I love ya all!  And I LUV bein' your favorite 4-footed guest on your show Nikki! 

Now here's a little tip from the ol' tipster Travelin' Jack...for all my pup-friends out there!  Wanna look spiffy around the house and around town too?  Well, the BEST pup-accoutrements in New Mexico are made right here in Albuquerque at Sandia Pet Products!
    Here I am before the big TV show...gettin' measured for my own dog-personal pup harness, leash, collar..the works!  Miss Sandra makes sure that it fits JUST right!  Thanks for helpin' me hi-style it, Sandia Pet Products!  AND you can get your very own at Sit, Stay & Play All Day pet store...right here in Albuquerque too!  I recommend dog-shopping here for ALL your pet goodies..from canine chic clothing to healthy foods and toys galore! YUP-PUP a little somethin' for every good pup here! 

But let's back up a paw-step or two...and go back to my humble beginnings. It all started in 2009 with CliffDweller Productions  and El Presidente, Richard Holcomb!
 Here he is on a TV shoot at the Riverwalk in Bloomfield!  I was sitting watching the MASTER at work....why you ask?  Because this was MY big dog-debut!  Richard thought he saw star-power in this handsome mug o' mine...and said "Let's put Jack in the show!"  That TV show would be the start to my pup-lustrious career with my very own TV segment called "Jack's Tracks"...and that's how it all began!  YUP..the doggone truth!  You can see some of my TV segments on Travel Guide New 
  Now who WOULDN"T love this face.....I might ask!  They say I am very photogenic...whatever the dog-heck that means!  But it's all good!  So from there....I reached my paws for the stars.....and

became the sweetheart of New Mexico Tourism as the Spokes-dogue for Pet Travel!  (my dog-specialty!) and I have been seen on their New Mexico Fan Facebook pages dog-numerous times!  I'm the 1st-DAWG when it comes to their current contest "Get the Picture".  I have 41 of the 100 vintage photos matched.  What about you?  Are you in the contest?  If  not...should be.  Just click on this link for the details of the contest Get the Picture.

...but I a VID (Very Important Dog) in the New Mexico Tourism's not unusual to catch me at some fun tourism event or shindig.  From accepting awards at the Governor's Conference on Tourism.....

 in 2010-here accepting my award for my doggone grand work in Pet Travel
  to 2012 where I am a part of the doggone GRAND team...North Central Region Tourism Board...again accepting an award with my fellow's one fun job let me tell ya! 

Course ya have to LOOK serious for the photographer.....and speakin' of photographer...why I would be NUTTIN' without my photos...and these particular snazzy photos were taken by Miss Carolyn of The Photography Studio  who is always at the ready with the camera at all the Tourism events and happenings!  Now SHE knows how to take a photo..don't you dogree?  Yup...these here are some mighty fine photos of me and my friends.  Thanks Miss Carolyn! I highly dog-recommend gettin' a professional photographer to shoot your face and make you bee-u-tiful!

Yup it takes a Dog-Village to make a star...and I have friends far-and-wide who helped this pup rise to the starry skies.  And....of dog-course MANY many more not included here (why it would take me 10 dog-years to name all my friends!) but to each and every one of you (you know who you are!)......from li'l ol' Travelin' Jack.....

Thanks a dog-zillion!

You are the BEST friends a dog could have!

Doggie Hugs & Slurpy Kisses


  1. Jack looked grumpy taking a bath - Buster runs and hides at the mention of a bath

  2. I was lucky to get acquainted with jack in Chama
    I had the impression that he liked the Belgian bikers
    thx Jack!
    and greetings from Belgium.


  3. nice posting.. thanks for sharing.

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