Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Time for PET-Cation! Travel tips straight from the Pet Travel Guru's Bark!

AHHHH....time for pet-cation!  And I AM ready...let me bark you!  Summertime fun....and here's a dog-word to the wise....DON'T LEAVE YOUR PET AT HOME!  WE dawgs love to go on vacation too!  In dog-fact....over 58% of pet owners say they are going to travel with their pet this summer!  YABBA DABBA DOGGIES!  That is music to my ears....seeing that I-Travelin' Jack do so dog-believe in this matter!

Why just YESTERDAY I was on "New Mexico Style" with Nikki Stanzione!....and what were we talkin' about?  Pet-CATION...what else!  And if ya just missed it or you're outside our viewing area....here ya go!  You can see it right here RIGHT NOW!  Click here!

AND here's a double-dog bonus!!!!!  Today I'm going to share some of my FAV pet travel tips with you...right here...right now!
                             5 TOP-DOG REASONS TO TRAVEL WITH YOUR PET
  1. Your pooch deserves a pet-cation!
  2. New Mexico is dog-chanting!
  3. More & more folks are traveling with their pet....Join the smart crowd!
  4. More & more hotels are opening their doors and are pet-friendly.


  6. You will experience New Mexico's beauty & scenery by foot and by car with your favorite pet-family member.
  1. Research pet friendly lodging in advance. Always RESERVE a pet-friendly room (some properties have limited pet-designated rooms).
  2. Travel with your pet safely restrained.  I recommend a dog crate or a harness.
  3. Never leave your pet alone in the car OR a hotel room!  There are dog-sitters available everywhere!....or take us with you doggone it!
  4. Check out Pet-io dining options!  Many restaurants offer patio dining WITH your pet!  YUM!!!!
  5. Plan your itinerary with your pet in mind.  Plan activities....like hikes or venues that include the pet)...or check out Doggie spas and day cares for those non-pet friendly activities.

Now this is just the tip o' the paw for my dog-fabulous pet travel tips.  I'll share some more with you soon...but for now....it's time to hit the road Jack!!! 

Gotta get ready for my next road trip & PET-cation!


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