Friday, June 8, 2012

Makin' A Splash for Tourism!

 Yup...this workin' pup has a RUFF life for sure!  It was my dog-duty to ensure that EVERYTHING went A-O-doggie-K at the 5th annual northern New Mexico Tourism Mixer!  I came pup-prared for STAR power....don't you dog-gree?  It was a Pool-side Pawty after all!
 Of course...NO event THIS dawg attends would be complete without makin' new friends!  Here I got to get some licks in (and hugs too!)  with Lily from Los Alamos!  MWWWAAAAHHH! There's another Jack-Smack for ya sweetie!  Luv Ya! And here's another dog-word of advice.  Los Alamos is a pet friendly place to explore too!

The Poolside PAWTY started off with music...and a few words from my good bud, Christi. Here she is welcoming everyone to Buffalo Thunder Resort's  fabulous poolside setting!

 And a FEW words of wisdom from New Mexico Tourism guru...and my doggone special friend Jordan! He is the King of the fab-tabulous fun contest "GET THE PICTURE".  Check it out to see how YOU can 'get the picture!"  I've already matched OVER 40 of the 100 vintage photos.....this dawg's on the right track.....(HA....had to get one of my bulldog jokes in there ya know!)
 Next up...our FAVORITE magazine in New Mexico!  Welcoming ALL of us to subscribe to "New Mexico Magazine" are the folks who write the!  Hmmmm....maybe someday I can write for them too!!!!!
 And WHAT event would be fun without PRIZES...right!  Of course this dog has to throw his paw into the dog-citement with a gift too!  Here is Miss Jeanie,...the lucky winner of my very own dog-special Jack Pack!  Complete with my award winning Dog-Governor T-shirt, my Travelin' Jack bandanna..and even a little stuffed take-home-jack!  Have doggone fun with it Miss Jeannie from Taos...a very pet friendly town if ya ask this dawg!
 Whooeee-doggies!....the prizes are all given out!  And this dog is dun given out too!  Maybe I'll catch my breath and 2nd wind on this comfy poolside chaise.....ahhh now that's better....but WAIT...........

 Is someone takin' my Pic? ya go!  Do ya like this poolside pose?
Or maybe this one?  Doggone it...I just don't know where all these dog-dandy photos come from!  But I DO know....savvy pet travel reporter that I am......this is the Good LIFE  we are enjoyin' in my dog-personal home state....New Mexico!

Please accept this pup-personal invite to Come on over to New Mexico for your NEXT vacation....I dog-guarantee it will be a "New Mexico True" dandy one! 

Doggie Hugs and Slurpy Kisses

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