Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Dog-Dazzled at BlogPaws DAY ONE!

BlogPaws 2012.....Salt Lake City here we come!

Yup...we've hit the road for the annual BlogPaws Conference...where all things Pet happen! We can't wait to see what is gonna be happenin' at this dog-hop of all dog-hops!

Whoo-Hoo...we're here....drivin' into downtown Salt Lake City ready for the action!
Yup...there it is the grand and beautiful Temple Square!  We have ARRIVED!  Sheraton Hotel is home to BlogPaws 2012...so let's see what we can dog-scover there! 
We arrived JUST in time to catch the Tillman show.  Tillman the Skateboarding Bulldog was here with his Natural Balance team...and bark about 'travelin' in style'!  Tillman...you got it made in the shade!

And this is why!  Check out this skateboarding dog-dude IN ACTION! This is one kool video! 

Make sure to watch it....And Norman the Scooter dog too! Now this is what I call a Double Dog Deal!   

Yep, ALL the Dogs in the Know showed up...there were LOTS of Pup-arazzi everywhere! And people-pet experts galore!  Talk about ACTION!  Now THAT is what I call a dog-dandy start to a pet conference!     

So what's this pup gonna do about all this action? 

 Why...get INTO the action! What else!!!! Here I am posing with Norman the Scooter Dog! They were busy shooting his dog-gorgeous celebrity-ism for the Natural Balance 2013 Calendar....and what was Norman wearing? His pup-patriot outfit of course (dog-guessing it will be the July picture...ya think???)   Anyways...I was just there takin' it all in...wearin' MY patriotic hat and tie of course.!  And then what do you know...but there I am next to Norman........now THAT is one big dog, eh?.....and we're getting our pic taken together! WoW...now that is what I call STAR POWER! Too cool! Thanks Norman for takin' your pic with me! I'm dog-dazzled!

And here's Tillman...THE Skateboarding King...after his big appearance!  Worn out Tillman? 
It's A-O-dokie-K in my books if you take a nap on the job!  You've got this whole celebrity scene worked out just fine!

 One more Travelin' Jack photo for Day 1....with the Natural Balance Gal...and BIG Tillman the Stuffed Dog on his skateboard!  One big toy, eh?  Looks just like him too!

Well, that is Day 1...pretty doggone fab, eh?  Stay tuned...and I'll share Day 2 with you tomorrow!  But for now,  I'm tired....
It was a long drive...with lots of great action at BlogPaws 2012!  

Doggie Hugs & Slurpy Kisses!


  1. You guys got lots of great pictures. I only got 5 total pics!? but I just remembered that I shot some video too. It was great meeting your mom. I'm glad you had fun at BlogPaws and made it home safe and sound!

    1. It's hard to present, work the crowds, handle a dog, network AND take pictures! We didn't get as many as we would have liked. Lots of things I remember that were not photographed...like a photo of YOU doing the PetSmart presentation! Darn!

  2. grand and beautiful Temple Square, I also wanna a visit. How about you?

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