Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Flicks...'N.......Tricks....'N.....Books.....'N.....Other Good Things!

Travelin' Jack here......and I've got some doggone grand things to bark about today!  Never a dull moment in this dog's life...and here are a few things that are comin' down in the world of Travelin' Jack.....


 We all know I am one bully of a TV hound, right!?!  And also....that my FAV TV star gal is none other than Nikki Stanzione!    Easy to see why I'm in dog-love with her, eh? 
Here we are on the set of " New Mexico Style" TV show on KASA Fox 2, talkin' about dog-portant Easter happenings.  And of course...I gotta get some licks in too!  MWAH!  Here's one for you too Jill!
Now...CLICK this
for my dog-personal interview!
I just LUV this TV show!  And stay tuned...more fun planned for the near future with the good folks at "New Mexico Style" too!

                                                   From bulldog to Bunny  Rabbit! 
Easter time is time to head out to Hinkles Family Fun Center for their annual EASTER EGGstravaganza!  And that is Just what this dog did!  I dog-magically transformed into a 'bully-bunny' to greet...and of course kiss...and hand out lollipops to the kids!  WoW!  Lots o fun! Of dog-course this pup was workin' the crowd for the 'bucks for bones' program (my little name for fundraising for our animal shelters).  This event we raised $$ s  for Luvin' Labs Rescue organization. 

....AND if you check out the Hinkle Family Fun Center'll see some photos of me at the event! 
 Check out this sweetie...who gave me a smile and a pat on the back.  RUFF job bein' a celebrity dawg...but some pup's gotta do it right?  And that would be li'l ol' me....Travelin' Jack!  I'm one Lucky Dog!

Well, we all know that I am one scribblin' pup...and that I am New Mexico's ONLY award winning Dog-Author!...and we also know that I am very photogenic!  Now here's two of my favorite things combined...makin' for one dog-fabulous HOT-OFF-THE-PAWS-PRESS news tidbit from this bulldog reporter!

There's a brand new (not even off the printin' press yet!) PUP-LITICAL book by the humorist author, Charles Sambuchino! 

Mr. Sambuchino's latest book, named pup-propriately RED DOG/BLUE DOG, will be in the stores and on the book shelves this July...and (drum roll here)

Yours truly is INcluded in this book! 
It's a fun look at politics incorporating cute dogs into the picture (dog-literally!)....and we all know how doggone cute Travelin' Jack is!  And dog-evidently Mr. Sambuchino thunk so too..'cause he included ME in his book!   MWAAAAHHHH!  There's a JACK-SMACK for you,  Mr. S. from li'l ol' me! 

Can't wait to get my paws on the book.  July just won't come soon enough, I'm dog-fraid!

                                                           OTHER GOOD THINGS! 

Well, my dog-schedule just keeps on keepin' me busy!  (and my chauffeur's too....Jill made me add that!).  A couple of our next stops will be:

FETCH-apalooza.  Why this is ONLY the Biggest Adopt-a-thon of the Year in New Mexico!  And of dog-course...Travelin' Jack would not skip a beat in gettin' to this event.  But NO-NO-NO, don't get your pup-panties in a wad...I am NOT being adopted!  Dog-Forbid! 

But pup-rather, I'll be raisin' funds for the 4-footed kids at the Albuquerque City Shelter....and tellin' everyone to adopt their NEXT BEST FRIEND from a Shelter!  You a life...gain a friend.....all those good things!  Mark your calendar for it now--April 21-22nd!

New Mexico Children's Fair. I've got LOTS of dog-fabulous things up my paw for this event.  And I'm not gonna spill the bones yet...but let me just bark about this....SAVE THE DATE!  May 5-6 at the Albuquerque Balloon Museum.  It's gonna be a REALLY big deal....I dog-guarantee it!  More about this later.......!

Yup Pup... nothin' borin' goin' on here.  Travelin' Jack is always makin' tracks for the NEXT BIG EVENT!  Not leavin' this dawg outta the!

Doggie Hugs & Slurpy Kisses!  


  1. Thanks Jack and Jill for keeping us all informed. Also for all the fun time you are having.

  2. Hey there Anonymous! Doggie Hugs and Slurpy Kisses to you! Hope you are in New Mexico to make it to some of these great events! See you there...if so!