Friday, August 6, 2010

AHHH....Angel Fire Delight!

The cool mountain air....snazzy resort, even a country club....lots of fun outdoors activities...just what this DoG ordered! And off we went to check it out.

Of course the first stop at any new place should always be the Visitor Center...and whew-doggie...let me tell you sumpin...the red carpet was rolled out for this puparoo! Why even the Exec. Director, Karen Kelly and her Guy Friday, Jimmy took time out of their busy schedules to bid me a warm Angel Fire welcome! AAAHHH....smell that fresh mountain air!

I learned all about some wonderful things to do in Angel Fire in the fishing, horse-drawn wagon cowboy breakfasts (that one is a future blog all by itself!) golfing at the Country Club...the spectacular Vietnam Veterans Memorial State Park....and of course, the snazzy resort itself.

So off we go on an Angel Fire adventure. After we got the low-down from the Visitor Center, we headed straight to the Vietnam Vet spectacular setting, handsomely groomed walkways that this dog sure did enjoy...and of course the memorial itself! Whether you were a Vietnam veteran or not (and I wasn't---not old enough ya know!), it's worth a visit to honor those fine military folks protecting us and our country. We stayed there till almost dusk enjoying this serene setting and then off we went to the BRAND NEW Country Club for a sunset beverage.

What you say? Drinks for a dog? Well...THIS Angel Fire Country Club is SO accommodating that they welcomed us...ME..Travelin' Jack included!...onto the outdoor deck. And wouldn't you know it...I got my very own Big Boy Beverage....a Roy Rogers...cherry and all, fixed in an easy slurpin' bowl! Well now...ain't that the CATS MEOW!! or in my case the DOGS BARK! They get a paws up rating from this snooty dog....FER SURE!

Angel Fire is one FAB summertime getaway...let me tell you! I'll share more of this fab-tabulous visit in a blog comin' your way soon....I dog-guarantee!

but for now...gotta slurp up this tasty Roy Rogers! sssssllllluuuurrrrpppp!

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