Monday, August 30, 2010

Cowboys & Horses & Good Times Oh My!

Hey did ya ever want to go on a horse drawn wagon ride? In the beauty of the mountains? And have a tasty breakfast fixed JUST for you? And make sure the cowboys and horses were A-OK?'s the plan for you...from this roamin' bulldog! Angel Fire New Mexico!

And if yer hankerin' for some cowboy action....and horses too....then Roadrunner Tours is JUST what the cowpoke in you is lookin' for! Horseback trail rides, wagon rides with campfire dinners, cattle round-ups, overnight rides, hay rides, dinner and breakfast rides. And more!

I, the very chow savvy pooch that I am (does my tummy give me away?) dog-cided on the Breakfast the wagon. Makes for some fun ridin....and new friends too! But there's nothin' tastier than fresh cooked bacon, scrambled eggs and pancakes too! Why Miss just MADE MY DAY! And yer cowboy crew too!

What a find by this travelin' dog. I dog recommend it for pooches and people alike!

And what with Labor Day right around the corner......head your hooves to Angel Fire... a doggone grand way to end the summertime fun!

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