Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Pilot Program for this Pooch!

Ah yes, we all remember when I had to go under the knife....torn CCL on my back leg. Well, we decided we did NOT want any more of that surgery way, Jose!

So Jill did some research, some fast talkin' (she is good at that after all!)....and lo and behold before you can blink a dog-blink....I've been picked to be a Pilot Dog with Pall Corporation for their new Pilot Program with a super dooper cell builder program called Purecell Platelete Enhancement Therapy....or PET for short....kinda like that acronym name....has a nice doggie ring to it!

Anyway, I am now a graduate of the procedure. My very own special surgeon, Dr. Peter Schwarz of VESCNM worked with Dr. Schaffer in NY state from Pall......they planned the whole thing...then I got to take a nice nap while they did their magic.

I'm thinking positive dog-thoughts about this here special, super high-tech procedure...not only is it going to help heal my bad leg, but it is going to keep my other ligament from tearing! At least that is THE plan by this pup!

Right now, I am still a bit dopey (I know that is normal for me...but more so than normal!) from the happy gas they gave me. But planning on being back on the trail VERY soon.... so stay tuned. I'll let you know how my little pilot project works out!

And in the meantime...thanks Dr. Schaffer and Dr. Schwarz (and the whole team at VESCNM for takin' such doggone grand care of li'l ol' me, Travelin' Jack!

doggie hugs and slurpy kisses....MMMMWWWWAAAAAHHHH!!!!!!!

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