Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I Have a New BFF.....a Boy named Adam!

Hi....yup it's true...I've got a new best friend. We knew it the moment we met. I knew it the moment he put his hands on me....I was touched. He and I connected.'s true. Adam and I met at the Inter Tribal Ceremony Parade in Gallup. I had just finished filming my TV spot for Travel Guide New Mexico and had retired from the front row of the parade route to the cool shade of the sidewalk underneath a big shady tree.

...when he leaned down, close to my face...our eyes met...and we knew. We were new BFFs right then and there! Best friends.

His mom introduced Adam to me. He is special. He understands us dogs well. He has several at home. But more than that he is special because Adam is a Downs Syndrome boy....but you know what! That is what made him SO very special to me.

We were best friends from that moment. I won't forget my Friend Adam.

He lives on a reservation near Gallup.

I wander the highways and byways of New Mexico reporting on pet friendly places and things.

But you know what....sometimes The BEST things on earth just find it did this day.

Here's a slurpy kiss just for you Adam!

.....and wherever our life adventures take us....our two hearts will always be connected.

...all my love to you Adam! You are the BEST in my books.


Travelin' Jack

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