Monday, April 7, 2014

TAKE 5--Travelin' Jack's TOP TIPS for a Pet Friendly Hotel

Travelin' Jack're FAV Pet Travel Expert.  Today, I want you to take 5........

What does that mean dogxactly you ask?  Well let's start here.  We ALL know that I LUV to travel.  AND equally as much, I LUV to stay in nice hotels.  So let's take 5 minutes (or so) and review some Top (5) Tips for Pet-Friendly Hotels.

FIRST OF ALL....RESEARCH!  Sit down at that computer and take 5 minutes (or so) to research PET FRIENDLY HOTELS.  There are many things you need to remember to look for when doing this research. Here's Travelin' Jack's PRIMER on pet friendly lodging research.

1) What is the Pet Rate?
2)  Are there a limited number of rooms availlable for traveling pets?
3) Are there restrictions on the pet?  (size, # of pets, breeds etc)
4) What is there outside setting like for pets?  (concrete parking lot or plenty of area to roam)
5) Are there special amenities for the visiting Pet?  (very dog-portant in my opinion)

In my wanderings around the of my FAVORITE pet-friendly places to go is the LODGE AT SIERRA BLANCA in Ruidoso.  They hit a Homerun in all these areas. 
So for starters......TAKE 5 Minutes  and check out their website.

THEN.........TAKE 5 MINUTES and watch my TV segment about pet-friendly the Lodge at Sierra Blanca.  You'll LUV my expert advice...and my top tips....and of course (goes without barking).... my good looks....ENJOY.
But BACK to the subject at paw---
(HA-get it?  One of my fabulously funny bulldog jokes.  BACK....I'm lookin' BACK at the Lodge! TEE-HEE)

But BACK to The Lodge At Sierra Blanca in Ruidoso.....and why I-Travelin' Jack give it my prestigious 5 PAWS RATING. 
I LUV their cozy comfy interior lobby.  Pretty darn snazzy if yas ask me!
 But...hey's what I'm barkin' about!  A special treat for ME!  From GM Steve himself.  We all know that I AM dog-portant, however, it must be noted here....ALL registered visiting dogs to the Lodge at Sierra Blanca get a special welcome treat!  (ANOTHER TIP)  Always register your pet when you make your reservation...that way they KNOW to get a welcome treat ready upon your arrival).  Now that is what I-the Pet Travel Expert- like to brag about around the dog park.  And they EARN those bragging points!      OK, we've checked out the snazzy interior....time to mozy on up to our suite in the Lodge at Sierra Blanca.  Think I'll get a bit of assist here.  JILL----SERVICE puleeze!  Will you drive me to my bed? THIS is what I call a sweeeeet bedroom suite! ALL the things a travelin' dog looks for (well maybe people too!).  Large room to stretch out in....a comfortable bed, sitting area, TV.....and that's JUST the bedroom!  The suites here come with a kitchen and an over-sized ensuite bath with BIG bathtub to soak away the day's drive!  Now THAT is what I call a top-dog hotel room. BUT.....there's something else! 
 A room with a view!  I LUV my own personal balcony to watch the action on the lawn.  The Lodge at Sierra Blanca has both  ground room floors and an elevator to the upper rooms....for those finnicky dogs!  I'm OK either way, because I love to ride an elevator! 

But hey...time's awastin'  What's that I spy from my balcony view?  Time for some outdoor research...which brings me to my next Travelin' Jack TIP

THE EXTERIOR of the property.  It's very important.  I don't know a single pup who wants to have to walk around a cement parking lot.....NO sirreee.....  
 we dogs like our hotels to be pet-friendly OUTSIDE too!  Grass, nice seating areas.....maybe even a cozy fire from which to watch the here at the Lodge at Sierra Blanca!  Yup-Pup!  This is NICE!
Speaking of NICE...check this out!  The Lodge at Sierra Blanca is surrounded by The Links Golf Course...with walking trails surrounding both the lodge and the course.  Hmmmmm....maybe I'll take a few drives here....but NO....WHAT is that over ther that I spy?

It's a DOG PARK!  Right behind the Lodge at Sierra Blanca!  Now THAT is what I call an absolutely dog-fabulous deal....for all us visiting and local dogs. 

Think I'll take an off-leash romp here thank you very much! After playtime in the dog park, think I'll head back to the Lodge for a little nap....but WAIT A DOGGONE MINUTE!  . 

 I'm stoppin RIGHT here!  Whoo-Hoo....I hit the Dog-JACKpot!  Don't you agree?  That was pretty doggone nice of the resort to set this up for me and my 4-footed canine buddies!  THANKS Lodge at Sierra Blanca!  LUV this amenity!  Tee-Hee!  Think I'll take hit the bed and dream the night away in these comfy quarters....BUT.......

I'll be dreaming about my complimentary Breakfast tomorrow morning!  

 YUM.....I'd like an omelette with LOTS of MEAT....smothered in New Mexico Green Chile of Course!  Now THAT is what I call a delicious way to end a stay at the Lodge at Sierra Blanca!

So there you have it...right from the pup's mouth!  A Pet Primer with Top Tips for choosing your pet-friendly hotel.  And let me whisper one more thing to you!  Sometimes, you don't even need to have a reason to travel.....just choose to get outta town to a posh resort---like the Lodge at Sierra Blanca.  It will be the bee's knee's....or something like that! 

Take advantage of that Spring Break Special they are offering!  You will be luxuriating in Springtime fun and comfort at the Lodge at Sierra Blanca. And ALL these are reasons why they are MY dog-personal pick for a great pet-friendly hotel property! 



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