Thursday, April 15, 2010

Back Trackin' Jack! The RRRRs have it! Rest, Recuperate, Ruidoso!

Okay...while Mom's away, guess I'll get to work doin' what I do And I guess we need to dog-gress and backtrack a bit here. Ya know I got all caught up in that surgery stuff, and have been layi'n around recuperatin' and all. And after a few weeks of resting, Jill and I decided to get a little weekend of R&R in.....and what better place to Rest and Recover than in Ruidoso....lovely mountain town that it is.

But as I said, we had an agenda...R& when you're in the adventure mood, the explore mood or even just the RELAX need to check-in at the lovely...and VERY pet friendly Lodge at Sierra Blanca. Here I am....caught in relax mode... in front of the cozy fireplace in our suite. And as you can see, while there was still snow on the slopes I was just a chillin' in front of the fire! Not a bad gig in this pup's o-pinion!

But can't just lay around all day...after all, there are potty breaks to be had, so we set out....and here's the TOP TIP of the day.....the Lodge at Sierra Blanca isn't just about cozy rooms. Right behind the easy paws a great walking trail. So potty break time we hit the trail and explored the area...meandering past the golf course (had to watch out for a couple flying little white balls....that I couldn't chase!) through a nice little foresty area...and WOAH!

What did we come across...but a DOG PARK! That's right...a handy-dandy dog park right behind the Lodge at Sierra Blanca. Talk about PET FRIENDLY! Ruidoso has it all, this dog is a-thinkin'. Anyway...and I have to write this in BIG letters.... I DIDN'T get to check out the dog park this know still recuperatin' and all (I have to make sure my doc, Dr. Schwarz at VESCN knows I was bein' good on my little vacation getaway to Ruidoso). But you ken be sure.....this ol' hound dog will be heading back to Ruidoso...soon's I get my all clear from the Doc.

So just wait.....I'll be soon!

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