Thursday, April 22, 2010

Top Honors for this Top Dog!

Hey...Hey...Hey! Getta look at this will ya! I got an award at the Governor's Conference on Tourism. Seems I'm the Top Dog after all! Yup, here I am getting my award...right on the stage with Cabinet Secretary Michael Cerletti...and of course my bevy of good lookin' gal-women!

Seems I am something special...writin' about travelin' around New Mexico....and my blog and my YouTube videos...and all that good stuff got me an award for the best use of Social Media!

But the really greatest thing about this whole ceremony thing roll......I am THE FIRST DOG EVER TO RECEIVE AN AWARD AT THE NEW MEXICO GOVERNOR'S CONFERENCE ON TOURISM!

Not a doggone bad my dog-diary!

Not lettin' it go to my head though.... but IF you want a paw-digraphed photo of this ol' award winnin' dog I'm happy to oblige!

doggie hugs and slurpy kisses


  1. Congratulations, Jack! My OEB Zoey is just starting to venture out. Hopefully she'll be as adventurous as you :)

  2. Thanks...tell Zoe it's all about that fab bulldog charm...gets 'em everytime! I'm gettin' a bit of a big head demanding paw-dicures and T-bones instead of milk bones! :)