Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Jolly Holly, Jack and Jill

Well, tis the season after all......and Jill and I were NOT going to let the fun times slip by we headed out on a mini-h0liday adventure. You see, travelin' with your pet is not ALWAYS about being on the road...why sometimes the dog-dandiest times can be had right in your own back yard!

And so it was on this little holiday jaunt...right down the road to our very own Balloon Museum right here in Albuquerque. And WHOO-WEE were they dressed up for the holidays or what! You are SURE to find some high-flyin' fun there!
Here we are ready to take to the skies in this hot air balloon......ah well maybe not today. There's no balloon over the basket....but a totally fab photo op. Go ahead and snap the wait...gotta get my smile on straight......hey I wasn't ready for the CHEESE part yet!...ah well. Handsome Jack anyway you call it..tongue in or out! What can I say. I think I'm goin' nuts...Is this a giant NUTCRACKER or what!?! How's this for my profile shot?
And what holiday visit would not be complete without a close-up visit with Santa Santa Paws. Looks to me like he's gettin' ready to hit the skies soon for the Big Night flight....Christmas Eve.

I DO hope you have been good little girls and boys. Wouldn't want Santa to pass by your house!!!!! He's a-visitin' me FOR SURE! I made sure I was good in his's I can get MY presents! Some doggie treats, a few squeaky toys..... Yep Santy Paws...I've been a good little dog this year...I dog-guarantee!

Merry Christmas Everyone!


  1. Great thinking, when we can be the part of adventure then why we sleep. I hope you enjoyed a lot. Pictures shows that. Industrial flooring

  2. That is a perfect day for you and your dog.. Great day of bonding..