Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Salmon Ruins, right outside of Farmington, NM on the Bloomfield highway is THIS snoopy dog's latest find....and a doggone grand one at that! There's no time to a-waste on this pretty Spring day in the Land of Enchantment....so let's get goin'. I'm rarin' to dog-splore this Historic Site, Museum, Gift Shop and more. But hold on to your doggies.....Did I hear right? DOGS are invited INSIDE the Gift Shop and Museum? Now that's what I call PET FRIENDLY to the max!
And look at this would'ja? I, Travelin' Jack, Roving Bulldog reporter and canine Travel Guide Extra-ordinaire....am gettin' the GRAND tour of Salmon Ruins by the Executive Director himself...Mr. Larry Baker. WoW!!! Now that's what I call rollin' out the red carpet! Thanks a dog-zillion Mr. Larry. I sure do dog-preciate that special hospitality! You are the Best in my books! But...let's get on with the tour, why don't we?

Look at this view from up top. Overlooking Heritage Park, with the famous San Juan River running through it, you can meander through the pathway, see actual historic buildings and some re-created ones too located all along the nice gravel walkways...to get a real feel for the heritage (AH-HAH that's why they call it Heritage Park....see nuthin' gets past this dog-reporter!) for the area and its peoples.

And while we were takin' our walk-about through Heritage Park, why what did we come across but a nice shady picnic area...just perfect for this pup's picnic. BUT wait, Mr. Larry....where's the food? OH...yer s'posed to bring your own? Hmmm shoulda done my research beforehand. Next time I'm bringin' a dandy dog-picnic with me...because as you can see, dogs are welcome here along with their families.

What's this? An adobe original casita that dates back to the 1800's? Why this is none other than the SALMON family original homesite. And heres' ANOTHER brilliant dog-scovery by this canine reporter. The whole place is named after the Salmon family...not that tasty fish!!!! Ya learn sumpthin' every day. They farmed the ranch....grew food, raised livestock, they even had an orchard on property. It must a been a really great ranch back in the 1800s. And I bet if I'd a been around then, they would have welcomed me too! If you read up on your history...and you should!.....they were a very good homesteading family.

Hey, here's something worthy of a check-out. The old Root Cellar...where they kept their food nice and chilled before they got their side-by-side refrigerator in the casa. WHAT...they didn't have refrigerators back then! Wow...glad I live in this here modern world.

And finally, we come to the real thing...Salmon Ruins. Now this here historic site dates back to the 1100s when the Puebloan peoples lived in this area. Not sure why they woulda wanted to leave the area...seems like a pretty doggone grand place to live if ya ask me....but that question might JUST be the good question to ask the archaeologists here. They will be MORE than glad to fill you in on all the details....or you can do your research in advance on their website .
Our tour ended here as dogs aren't allowed on the historic site itself. And I'm okay with that because ...being the conscientious dog-traveler that am, I want to do my part in preserving history. And (don't tell Mr. Larry this...I got a sneak look into the site when he was lookin the other way). BUT the good news is that you 2-footed folks CAN go onto the site and explore all you want.
Yep, this was one dog-dandy find today. I HIGHLY recommend you visit Salmon Ruins at your earliest opportunity...and tell em Travelin' Jack sent you!
Doggie hugs and slurpy kisses!


  1. Hi Jack. I've been checking out your blog and you've been one busy dog! We are making our first visit to New Mexico, and our dogs, Ty and Buster, suggested we check with you to see if you could recommend some of your favorite pet-friendly places. We're spending tonight in Taos, moving on to Santa Fe tomorrow, and then down to Albuquerque. Do you have any tips for us?

  2. Oh no Amy...so sorr y we didn't get back to you sooner...we've been on the road again, down south in New Mexico....but here's a couple quick ideas for your consideration. I think you already did Taos so in Santa Fe, check out the road to the ski resort. Lots of great hiking and picnicking sites there. Canyon Road is VERY pet friendly...you can take your dogs INTO the galleries with you...they are very welcoming. And there are some great little pet-io dining spots in SF so if it's warm enough to sit outside, check some of those out.
    Albuquerque: LOTS of dog parks in ABQ...check out www.itsatrip.org for a listing of the areas. And one of Jack's favorite restaurants in ABQ is the Flying Star..they are very pet friendly...several of them around town, And the human food is great too! You can walk around Old Town with your dogs, nice grassy plaza area...some of the shops may not invite the dogs in but some will, so just ask. Hope this helps! Have a great visit to NM...where are you from?

  3. Hi Jack! Thanks for visiting our blog, and for the tips! We'll keep these in our hip pocket for our next trip to New Mexico.

    We started this adventure in Pennsylvania - sold the house in January and are now traveling full-time in the Winnebago. I'd love to stay in touch - maybe we can meet up next time we're in the area.

  4. DOG-definitely.....would LOVE to meet the whole Amy clan...four footed and two footed! See you in New Mexico soon!