Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Rockin' Good Time!

Travelin' Jack here...roamin' the state of enchantment (yup that would be New Mexico!)...on a quest for a rockin' good time! Guess Where We Are!
If you guessed City of Rocks State Park....You Would Be RIGHT! One of New Mexico's grand state parks, this special park is located near Silver City.....let's check it out!

Wow look at that big rock! This is not...I Dog-peat...this is NOT a model truck and camper. It's the real thing!!!! It surelooks like one dog-fabulous camping and picnicing site to me! In the shade of a giant boulder.....pretty rockin' cool eh?

Check out the paths.....and the windey areas to explore. Pretty doggone neat in my books!

WoW!!! Now I see why they call it "City of Rocks" Take a look at that wouldja? Pretty doggone impressive!

Up, down, all around...lots of room to explore. Hey...did the camera capture my dog-gorgeous profile?

Whoo-weeeH doggies! Take a look at that! No way yer gettin' me to climb that thing! But I can see there are some pretty gutsy guys out there....I'm sure dog-impressed!

Palmettos, cacti, desert flora and fauna......all mixed in with a big dose of giant rocks...and you've got one sure-fire dog-friendly, family friendly, camper friendly....just all around friendly....fab-tabulous find at City of Rocks State Park. Jack's recommendation: Check it out. It's earned Travelin' Jack's 5 PAWS rating...and you know, that don't come easy!!!!

Well here we are at the end of a grand day of adventure. Down time at my favorite dog-friendly hotel in Silver City....the Holiday Inn Express & Suites. Gotta go favorite TV show is comin' on. Till next time.....
Doggie Hugs & Slurpy Kisses!


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