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                    Gather 'round for HOT OFF THE PAW PRESS News about Albuquerque! 

Travelin' Jack has the SCOOP....
 on the Biggest....the BEST
 news any pup around just has to hear....but 'specially in Albuquerque !  

                                         Albuquerque has JUST been Ranked

                                 TOP PET-FRIENDLY city in ALL the U.S. 

Named TODAY by PRICELINE.COM --that purveyor of ALL travel things important! 
                         Now THAT's something to assign BIG DOG bragging rights to! 

                                                    ALBUQUERQUE #1!!!!!! 

                                                       Read the Press Release right here!

Albuquerque, Portland, and Tucson Top the List

NORWALK, Conn., April 10, 2013 . . . America’s best cities for people traveling with pets have been ranked and compiled in a list released today by (Nasdaq: PCLN). The cities were ranked according to their number of pet-friendly hotels, off-leash dog parks and walkability.

The top ten cities on the list are:

1) Albuquerque, NM

2) Portland, OR

3) Tucson, AZ

4) Tampa, FL

5) Indianapolis, IN

6) Salt Lake City, UT

7) Austin, TX

8) Tulsa, OK

9) Louisville, MO

10) San Francisco, CA

“People love their pets and many can’t imagine traveling without them. But not all cities and hotels are created equal when it comes to accommodating four-legged friends,” said’s Chief Marketing Officer Brett Keller. “We’ve created this list as a guide to help travelers find the best experiences no matter who’s along for the ride.”

Rankings were based on the number of hotels within’s network of Express Deals(sm) hotels that are listed as “pet friendly,” the number of off-leash dog parks per hundred thousand residents (source: The Trust for Public Land, and the walkability as measured by Walk Score™ of each city.

                               Yup-Pup....this pooch is Climbing to GREAT HEIGHTS
                   bark it out to the world
                           and to let just EVERYONE know how proud I am of my City----
                                       ALBUQUERQUE NEW MEXICO!

We beat out cities like San Francisco and just EVERY OTHER CITY in the U.S.!
                                   Can you doggone believe this good news? 
Course, it comes as NO surprise to this "Land of Dog-Chantment" Travel Dog Specialist!  Why I knew this all along!  I've scouted out almost every nook & cranny of this city.  I've  BEEN THERE and DONE THAT in Albuquerque!  And I dog-heartedly agree with PRICELINE.COM. 

                                                          ALBUQUERQUE IS #1!


                                                                                                  From tasty Pet-Friendly dining spots throughout the city
                                      to charming B&Bs, hotels and motels who invite Fido to stay....

       to Touring our fine city......

       and even taking in high-flying Albuquerque our grandiose Balloon Fiesta!

                                                               I've found those treasures all.
well maybe not all yet...I'm still exploring my favorite city to dogscover something else new and wonderful!).

                      Why I'm just so doggone proud of MY city---Albuquerque
Take it from me....when they say Albuquerque----IT'S A TRIP!........they know what they are talkin' about. 

Many consider Albuquerque the jumping off spot for touring New Mexico, but I can tell you from first-paw experience…..Albuquerque itself has hundreds of wonderful experiences for everyone--pups& people too! With so many parks and outdoor adventure opportunities Albuquerque is a grrrrrreat pet-friendly vacation.

The city even has 13 designated Dog Parks.
Albuquerque offers hundreds of pet-friendly lodging options from B&Bs to 5–star resorts to economical chain hotels.
We have many restaurants that offer seasonal outdoor Petio dining settings.
Adventures await a-foot in Albuquerque-- this pet friendly place! 
I'm just so DOGGONE PROUD of my city-Albuquerque!  

And now the world knows too!  Just as I-Travelin' Jack have been tellin' EVERYONE how great Albuquerque our good friends at PRICELINE.COM have just announced it to the world....I'm just so dog-cited!!!!



Travelin' Jack

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