Monday, April 1, 2013

Spring Dog Flings!

This dog is doing flips and spring flings with all the goings-on in my-Travelin' Jack's world. 

Steppin' back a bit earlier to the Bob Gerding Outdoor this was an event to FLIP a KISS over!  Not only did I run into MaJor League Albuquerque's Mayor Berry....SMACK!

But I gave out a dog-zoodle of slurpy kisses....raising bucks for bones for the kids in the shelter. Here I'm smackin' none-other than  Bob Gerding's LOOK-ALIKE twin!  Wow!  Even this smart dog can hardly tell them two guys THAT's what they mean when they say IDENTICAL TWINS!
But I gotta get down and dirty with the little people kids too.....DOUBLE smack to you my fine little friend!  MWAAAAHHHH!

and then it was OFF to the next adventure.  Put on my "Stylin' Santa Fe" vest and met up with the bride and groom models at the Northern New Mexico Wedding Expo  at Buffalo Thunder Resort.  Ya's not just any ol' pooch that works the runway with the models...but then Travelin' Jack is not just any ol' pooch now, is he?
I, Travelin' Jack, Dog-Model ExtraOrdinaire, know how to work the runway just fine....ya' know,  I just don't know WHY o WHY they call it a cat you?

And THEN.....I made my NATIONAL TV Debut!  On The Dr. Oz Show.....and WHAT prey tell did they show?  My now forever famous YAWN!   Now ya gotta admit...I do know how to yawn, eh?
I couldn't wait to see myself on the ol' TV I plopped myself down right in front of the ol' tube and watched the Dr. Oz show........and would'tcha know it...but
aas they were gettin ready to show my segment.....I had to YAWN!  WoW! Talk about the power of anticipation!  YUP-now I get to add TV YAWNER extraordinaire to my Dog-Resume!  Thanks Dr. Oz for lettin' Travelin Jack be part of your TV show!   
Next Event.....SPRING BREAK in Albuquerque at Balloon Museum!  There were  a dog-zillion kids there!  I know...I kissed 'em all!  And of course, I had to be a bit silly with my Sunflower Hat too!  Ya know ya gotta entertain them kids!  They think a bulldog is all about bein' goofy!  HMMMM....wonder where they ever got that crazy idea!!!!

And then the calendar rolled around to St. Patty's Day!  Doggone-be-gone it....don't know WHY o WHY they don't call it St. Jack's Day!  I know how to party for the green with the best of 'em!  Oh-HEY you kids out there!  DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME!  (I'm not really drinkin' the hard stuff....all for show, ya know?!)

And then Jill and I decided to take a little road trip...out to L.A. proper!  You know where the MOVIE STARS hang!!!! I come Hollywood!  I'm cruzin' in style through the Hollywood hills in search of those big-time MOVIE stars! .....
I'm lookin'...and drivin'....and lookin' some more
all the while I'm drivin' Ted & Debbie's (my DOGGONE good pals who live part time in Palm Springs) in their hot red Miata!  I'm thinkin' they autta give it to me....fits me to a perfect T, dontcha think?  I do!  And here's the cool dude thing about a dog drivin' in Hollywood!  EASY as 1-2-3.....when the other cars saw me comin'..... why they just SKEDADDLED off the road....let me have the highway to myself!  HA!  Now THAT is how you deal with traffic jams in Cal-I-forn-I-A!  Take it from this dog-driver!
And while we were in L.A......I met up with another top dog......only this cool dude is a MUSIC top dog!  It's none other than the recording R&B star, T-RAN Gilbert!  If you haven't heard him yet......keep your ears open...cause he's an Up-and-Comer in the Music World fer sure!  I bet ALL my dog biscuits on that! (and you know how I am about my dog biscuits!)   here's my suggestion?  Check him out on this link and you'll be 'Cruisin to the Blusin'" sound of T-RAN...MY Man!  Doggy Hugs T-RAN!

But back to New Mexico now.......and to work. (ha-as IF this bulldog works!)
Next stop on St. Patty's Day comes another doggone grand event! The Sipapu Cardboard Derby Race!  You might remember that last year we RACED down that snowy mountain.'s my suggestion!  This is one too cool event...for PEOPLE! 

This year, I plopped myself down ON the sidelines and became a Celeb Judge!....and a DOGGONE good judge I was too! See how dog-ficial I look!  YUP-PUP...give a dog a job...and Travelin' Jack can do it! And Sipapu Ski and SUMMER Resort is one doggone cool destination, let me clue you in!  Ya better check it out soon!

And then before I could blink a was EASTER time! 

For real this time!  Take a Look at this Sunrise over the Sandia Mountains on Easter morning wouldja?  Now THAT is one little ol' reason why just everybody luvs Albuqerque!  PAWSOME site!
But let's get back to the sweeter side of Easter!
 Why I was a hopin' for a basket full of goodies...and that ol' Easter Bunny done me right!  Darn thing though....NO chocolate!  Just peeps and toys and other fun stuff.  They say chocolate is BAD for dogs, so I guess the Easter Bunny Knows best eh?

So with Easter now behind us....and I survived April Fool's Day!  (yup...noBODY can put one over on this pup)....It's 5 o'dog-clock at Gecko's Bar & Tapas!  Which just happens to be the happenin' place for people and their pups too! heard right.  It's a VERY Pet Friendly atmosphere at Gecko's. While I was a sippin' on my brewsky (after they gave me a slab of tasty bacon mind you!), I counted 5 OTHER dogs there too!'s one happenin' place....Gecko's in Nob Hill!

And I have to add a PS (Pup-Script) to that too...their food is mighty tasty too!  Take a look at these NACHOS wouldja?  Now that would make any mouth water.....includin' this top dog!  I'm thinking it's time to write a dog-dandy review of this Top Dog's on my A-LIST for sure!  

But for now...I gotta go...before these nachos get gobbled by someone else!  But keep your eyes might JUST be lucky enough to run into I'm workin' my way around New Mexico....and beyond!  And when I see you....I'll be sure to give you some of Travelin' Jack's world famous...


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