Monday, June 17, 2013

Pet Laureate, International Ambassadog, Dog-Author, Junior Ranger, Golf Pro-PuP ....WHAT ELSE WILL TRAVELIN' JACK ADD TO HIS RESUME?

HA....I'm rockin' and a-rollin now.  We all know I am a canine TV star, Radio Pupsonality, Top-Dog Model, Adventure Travel Hound and Smoocher Extra-ordinaire...but this new list? 
What dog-o-dog could this mean pray tell?

Well....they are ALL true!  Here's just what I mean by this dognormous list!


I're thinking  He means POET LAUREATE!  NOPE.....I DO mean PET LAUREATE! As in New Mexico's first (and only)  Pet Laureate. 
 I was duly introduced to the World (well at least a lot of poets who converged on New Mexico for a national poetry convention) by none other than Joanne Boden, theVice President of the New Mexico State Poetry Society.  How did she introduce me?  And WHY?  Well, you see, Joanne recently heard my poem "Ode to Pet Moms" that I pawed for Mother's Day.  She LUVed it....and decided I needed to be Named PET LAUREATE of New Mexico.  VOILA!  I now can add that to my resume. Thanks Joanne....I might just hafta write a poem about you!
And while at the Poetry Convention, I got to meet some OTHER poets (moi included!) called the UNIDOS poets from New Mexico!  Let me just say,  "I'm DOGspired by the poetry geniuses in our state (moi included!).


Number Two on my List of New Titles

  No I am NOT an international spy (not yet at least!)...but I am the newest member---er maybe it's spokesdog for THE ALBUQUERQUE COUNCIL FOR INTERNATIONAL VISITORS. You see, their new.....and DAHLING Executive Directior, Micaela Brown.......decided that since I am an OLDE ENGLISH BULLDOGGE, that I would make the pawfect canine ambassador for this worldly group!  Of course that is 100% aPUPros, wouldn't you say?  Can't wait to bark in a welcome to the next high ranking international visitor with ACIV! Oh and welcome to New Mexico Miss doggone glad to have ya!


Well you all know I am an award winning dog author of my children's book, TRAVELIN' JACK'S STORY...FROM SHELTER TO STAR....but now I am a Cover Model along with my bestest radio gal in the whole wide world...Miss Terrie Q of 770KKOB, along with ours and many other pets' stories and pics in the fab new book PET FRIENDS.  AND we got to I mean PAWDIGRAPH the book at the local bookstore, BOOKWORKS along with the Store Manager, Mr. Ollie.  Thanks for the SUPER-DAWG-DUPER reception.  Why he had water, treats a comfy chair to sign in...and just everything  a dog could want for at a big book signing!  You're DA MAN!  Oh...and you can pick up YOUR copy of the book at Bookworks too!

JUNIOR RANGER's dog-ficial.  I was signed on as a DOGFICIAL JUNIOR RANGER at Coronado State Monument.....soon to be renamed Coronado Historic Park Rangers Annie and John!  My Radio Queen Terrie Q of 770KKOB radio was there to help with the official ceremony.  Now admit it!  How often does a dog become a Junior Ranger at a State Historic Site! Purty dog-special if ya ask me! 

I think I'm lookin' pretty KOOL KAT in my Junior Ranger badge....
                                                                   don't you dog-ree?


Now any dog that can wear a Scottish Tam like this has just GOTTA be a Golf Pro Pup, eh?
Well, while I might just hafta hone my golfing skills a bit yet, I got to be the DOGFICIAL Dog Pro at the 3rd annual Animal Welfare Fundraiser Golf Tournament  IN THE RUFF!  Congrats to Miss Cindy Scott-Hummel....the Event Coordinator Extraordinaire!  YOU DOGGONE DUN GOOD Miss Cindy...helpin' out all those needy pups and kitties!  We luv ya!
 My first official help at the morn's opening call....the National Anthem....gotta wear my red, white and blue for this important occasion! Everyone SERIOUS now!  OKay...that's right!
 Now....onto the green.  Where I am ready and waiting for my first group of golfers! Gotta raise some $BONES for the 4-footed kids ya know! 
 And here they come!  First drop a bill in the box...take a pic with me Golf Dog Travelin' Jack....THEN you can golf!  After all, we gotta get the priorities straight, right?

 And that all the golfers have played the's mighty high time for ME to hit the course!  Gotta Go....see ya round the next bend!  FORE!!!!!!!!!!

Stay tuned for more adventrues coming soon from Travelin' Jack!


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