Sunday, June 9, 2013


WoW o-dog WOW! It's June already...and that means it is
Of course that would mean THIS Jack....none other than New Mexico's TOP DOG Travel Expert!

So let's get down to business....time to plan that summer PET-cation.  And I'm gonna give you some handy dog-dandy pet travel tips! So hang we go!
1) Plan a trip exploring scenic trails and hiking areas.  New Mexico is FILLED with great hiking areas.  And there's a DOUBLE benefit here!  Your dog will LUV the hike and you will get some great exercise and see some dog-fabulous sites as well!  So include hiking areas in your vacation plans.  YUP...just another doggone grand idea from this travelin' pup! 
2) Perhaps you're the pool type!  Why some places even allow the well-mannered pet into the pool Bishop's Lodge in Santa Fe.  YUP, I'll be extra good here 'cause I LUV layin' out by the pool!
3) And speakin' of being well-mannered!  Why we PUPS are sure lucky to have so many pet-friendly places to stay here in New Mexico....but a word to the dog-wise! 
MIND THE RULES!'s a dog-Privilege to stay at a nice hotel, resort or lodge.  So make sure you clean up after your pup, follow the leash rules, stay in designated areas...and just be good in ME-Travelin' Jack! 
 I believe in followin' the rules! 
Don't want to ruin a good thing for other travelin' pups, ya know!

4) And don't forget the CAMERA!  Why there are just SOOOOO many Pawsome Photo Ops for your pooch!  Like this one here! I'm posin' (somethin' I do MIGHTY well if ya ask me!) at Salinas Mission Ruins! 

5) And here's a Jack-Fact  for you! New Mexico has 34 state parks...33 of which are pet friendly (Living Desert Zoo & State Park in Carlsbad is the exception...cuz it's a zoo!). 

Also, we have 7 state monuments....soon to be renamed HISTORIC SITES that are ALL pet-friendly.  Here I am checking out the KIVA at Coronado State Monument...oops I mean Coronado Historic Site!  I'm dog-termined to get to the top!'d be surprised at the grand things and places you can go to visit WITH your pup! 
And in addition to state parks, monuments and trails...why there are dog-glorious places like SARGENTS' WILDLIFE REFUGE to explore!  Here I am at the head of the elk viewing trail with the bee-U-tiful San Juan Mountains behind me!  There are 20,000 acres in this refuge to THAT should be one dog-heck of a hike, eh?  BTW, this spot is near Chama in case yer wonderin'!  Just ask JACK...I know 'em all!

And those are just a couple PET TRAVEL TIPS to whet your appetite...did someone say appetite?  That must mean FOOD!
I do believe I'm HUNGRY!  Time to eat!  So while I chow down on this tasty New Mexican meal...why don't you...... 
  take a couple minutes to see my latest TV spot on the very pupular "New Mexico Style" television show where I join Nikki and Kristen every month for the best pet tips around!  Just click on this New Mexico Style link

 And there you have it.....MORE handy tips for you to chew on!  But if you want to tune in LIVE to my segment, I'm on every 1st Wednesday of the Month!  Of course it is KASA Fox 2....Channel 2 in Albuquerque!  Check it out!  Good stuff...I dog-guarantee!

                                               But now it's time to  HIT THE ROAD JACK
 and as you can see...I'm Packed
 and Ready to Roll! 
See you around soon! 
I'll be BACK!


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