Thursday, August 8, 2013


I'm a DOUBLE DOG winner this week!  First stop.....KASA Fox TV.  I once again appeared on my favorite TV show, New Mexico Style...with my FAV TV Queen, Nikki Stanzione!  Tops on MY dog-personal lists of FAVORITE THINGS IN THE WHOLE WORLD.  What did we talk about this month?  Great dog-days-of-summer getaway to the COOL mountains of Ruidoso.  Check out the link here

and if this has you hankering for a quick trip to Ruidoso, check out their websites right here!

...and if you are just doggone curious about my recommendation for a great Pet-Friendly place to rest your weary paws in better book a pet friendly room at The Lodge at Sierra Blana.  Here's their link

And so after our TV segment was over, I had to share a TOAST to the DOG DAYS OF SUMMER with both Nikki and Kristen.  Here's to ya, Gals!

BUT......that wasn't the End of this busy week!  Why, nossirreebob........I was just SO doggone proud to learn that Jill and I are WINNERS in the New Mexico TRUE STORIES contest!  YUP-PUP.....true as a dog lovin' a good tasty chew-bone!


We won with our special story about....WHAT ELSE....Pet-Friendly New Mexico....of dog-course!

Here's what we had to say!

And.......what did we WIN?  Now here's the really really really triple dog deal of the year......WE WON $1000 FOR our 4-footed furry friends in need.  We get to help them out....Now ain't that just the dog's meow-'er bark!  We'll let you know when that big deal of an event occurs.  We can't wait..... the meantime, I'm headin' down the dusty trail to one of my favorite places, Red River for the BUCKAROO BALL tonight!  Some rootin' tootin' fun......

                                                           See Ya there PAWdner! 




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