Thursday, August 1, 2013

It's DawGUST....Better Known as the Dog Days of Summer!

And it's a doggone Hot time of the year in New Mexico.  So what's MY Plan?  Glad you asked.'s TIME for PET-cation!  That's right.  Time to hit the some swanky New Mexican resort like Buffalo Thunder Resort in Santa Fe!

or some boating maybe a pontoon boat ride at Elephant Butte Resort.

or maybe up to the cool mountains to get outta that heat.!  And talk about a triip!  How bout this ride at Ski Apache in Ruidoso on their brand new 8 passenger enclosed Gondola!  And here's a Jack-Fact Tip!  Dogs Ride Free with their people!  Double-Dog cool, eh?  You just have to sign a waiver for your pup!  That's all! And after you ride that gondola up the side of the mountain.....with that 360 degree view....then you can give off at the top, take a little hike, relax while you look down upon the whole world (least it seemed that way to me!)....and then you take the gondola back down in comfort to the base!  Now that's one cool summertime adventure, don't you dogree? 

Or if you are the adventuresome type (like ME!) you can take a at one of our great State here at City of Rocks State Park near  Silver City! BARK about fun!  Love climbing over, around and through these giant boulders...but that is just me.  Maybe....

Maybe just hang with your buddies...and splish-splash through the river lookin' for a tasty fresh trout dinner! Now THAT sounds like a good idea!

Course NO vacation would be complete without chowing down on some tasty New Mexican Cuisine at a pet-friendly eatery like Church Street Cafe in Albuquerque Old Town....

or washin' it down with a tasty Dogarita (non-alcoholic of course!) like this one served up special to me at Buffalo Thunder Resort!  WHOO-EE doggies is that good or what! Yessireeeeee Bob!  I'll have another if you please!'s DOGust....and time to take that last little Pet-Cation before the summer is over.  So stop what you are doing....and start planning YOUR vacation.  My #1 Recommendation.....start with New Mexico...cause no matter where you go, there's doggone sure to be some good pickings for fun activities for both people and pets too!

BUT....with that barked...out loud, please take a little time for Pet Safety too!  It's hot out there...and we dogs are just the 'sensitive type'....especially when it comes to heat.  Why I came across this handy guide put out by The UncommonDog that bein' the good guy I am, I thought I'd share it with you!

And here's the link to it as well. Dog Days of Summer Guide
And before you hit the road

some of my favorite tips to keep your pup safe and happy are:

1) KEEP YOUR PET HYDRATED!  Always carry extra water and a travel bowl with you when you are riding in the car.
2) TAKE A HIKE! With all the right accessories of course!  Put a 'cool' wetted bandanna on your pet while you hike...and make sure to carry extra water for Fido.  That trail gets dry and dusty to a dog too!
3) BE KOOL! As in temperature....Don't let your pet get overheated.  Plan stops and shady spots for Fido where he can stay cool, calm and comfortable.
4) NEVER LEAVE YOUR PET IN THE CAR ALONE!  Car heat kills!  Simple as that.  Dogs feel the heat much quicker than humans, and even a few minutes is too long in an enclosed car. The best thing to do...Take Fido with you....or DON'T take him along.  Be safe!
5) BOOTIES FOR THE DOG. Remember, if the pavement is too hot for your's too hot for Fido's feet too!  Either put some dog booties on him when walking on pavement...or look for grassy areas to walk...or carry him.  Don't let those little dog pads get burned!

I's COMMON DOG SENSE, right?  But I just want to make sure that when you plan YOUR Pet-Cation with your little Fido...he has a fun, happy, and SAFE trip too!  Happy Travels!



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