Friday, July 26, 2013

I LUV Lavender.....True Confessions by a Scent-sitive Dog!

 I do have to admit...I'm a Dog in Luv with Lavender.  And lucky for this Dog....we have Lavender Fields galore in New Mexico.  So it seemed only 'a-pup-pro' that this modeling canine get ready for the annual Lavender festival in grand style. 

With a Photo Shoot....what else!

The good folks at Lavender In the Village Festival hooked me up with award winning, National Geographic Photographer  Daryl Custer.  
Why I was doggone Honored to be shot by Daryl!   
and Lavender Fields Here We Come! 

He is one dog-dandy photographer....and ke knows how to capture my good side, don't you dogree?

I have to dog-mit though...he DID make me work! 
He was barkin' out those orders to me....
So I ran...through those doggone bee-u-tiful Lavender Bushes!    

Then he said
 So I did! 
HA!-Bet YOU a bone that you can't do this! 
I've got one dog-gone grand no problem for li'l ol' me!  

Then we meandered....well maybe RAN is more like it.....down the shady lane leading up to the Lavender Fields.  And he said "COME-JACK-COME!"

 So being the good dog model I am......that's just ex-dog-actly what I did!
But.....I got the last lick in!  (and here's a tip to all you dog models-or wannabe dog models) out there.  If the photographer gets TOO bossy....and they are down on the ground to you know...get you at that low-down level......go ahead and put the finishing touch on that laying a HUGE sloppy kiss on the photographer just when he's NOT expecting it!  HA!  Got him good....I can tell you that!  NO DOG FOOLING!  BOL!

And finally we were done......whew-doggies! Am I dog-xhausted...or what? 
BUT, when you get to be photographed by the LIKES of Daryl're just a doggone lucky pup! 
I have to tell ya, he did a darn good job of capturin' my good looks.  Don't you agree?

I'm just hopin' I-Travelin' Jack-end up in one of his famous photo coverages in the likes of National Geographic.  (hint-hint Daryl!).  LUV YA!  LUV YOUR WORK! Thanks for a truly dog-FABULOUS photo shoot!   

                   But now it's time for the actual Lavender In The Village Fest! 

 I'm headin' out to Los Ranchos de Albuquerque for this fabulous summertime festival.  There are SO many wonderful things to see and do BUY Lavende for your house....OKAY got some! till you drop for all those Lavender goodies (I dog-personally luv the Lavender Ice Cream....dee-licious!)  DONE!
Why they even have a Doggie Parade and Fashion Show!  Now that's something I like to see at a Festival- a pet friendly activity!  With PRIZES for the pups no less!  Too doggone cool!
 BUT this dog is a-workin' I'm headin' over to the New Mexico Book Booth to pawdigraph my books....take some pics with visitors


Ain't she a cutie!?!  And get in some lavender kisses too! 
This year,  I was pawdigraphing the book PET FRIENDS.....which has all sorts of fun photos in it (including moi of course!) and my good buddy Terrie Q from 770KKOB.

 If you wanna buy the's the link to it  PET FRIENDS......and here's the double-dog good news!  Proceeds from the book sales go to support the puppies and kitties at SAVE LUCKY PAWS animal adoption location!  I LUV a good 4-footed cause--don't you?

YES, this dog is in LUV with Lavender...why I was SO dog-spired by the whole experience of being photographed in the Lavender Fields. and paw-ticipating in the Lavender Fest...I decided to put my Lavender dog-thoughts into verse for another one of my grrrreat Pup-Poems.  (after all...I AM the Pup-Laureate of New Mexico!)

by Travelin' Jack

Today I spied a Lavender Field
Along the Rio Grande.
I thought to myself "must check this out!"
To see if it's really so grand!

I wandered amidst the Lavender Bushes
So tall, so stately, so PURPLE.
I sniffed and tasted and pawed a bit
Why I even made up some Lavender Wishes!

This lovely Lavender so tender to touch
A Pup can hardly resist
I've sniffed a dog-zillion Lavender sniffs
Now I'm sprinkled in Lavender Dust!

Some folks eat it, some folks smell it,
Some folks plant it and watch it grow.
But from a Pup's perspective the Lavender Bush is created
To ponder Life as it does merrily Go!

And those are my thoughts for this week!  Have a doggone grand one!


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