Tuesday, December 10, 2013

A great Holiday Gift Idea from Jack......NM's Pet Travel Expert

You know this dog is a travel bug BIG time....and when it comes to travel....I am THE dog-in-the-KNOW!  And one of my all-time favorite places to go hang out and luxuriate (YAH-I know how to do that pretty doggone good!) is the Hilton Buffalo Thunder Resort in Santa Fe.

 It's a Top-Paw Destination....all on its own. Why you don't have to go anywhere else after you check into the hotel.....I should know!  Been There....Done That! BUT....I had this dog-fabulous idea JUST FOR YOU!  Come on join me on my little tour of this place and then I'll spill the bark about my GRAND idea!

 First stop for this Dog-Tour Guide!  The friendly staff....why if you know how to play the game right if you are a smart cookie dog.......

You might get a real Cookie TREAT from the friendly folks at Buffalo Thunder Resort.  (HINT:  play it up....works every time for me!) Why I even got a nice Ear Rumple this time around!  THANKS...now that's what I call a doggone pet-friendly welcome!  And they know how to treat their people guests right too...but I am not sure about the ear rumples for the humans! That might just be a Pet-Perk!  Just barkin...... 
But on with the tour.  This here is another reason I love Buffalo Thunder Resort.....nice BIG roomy rooms all dressed up in custom made Native American decor
 and snazzy lounge-about furniture fit for a king...YUP-PUP..that would be ME, Travelin' Jack....and of course anybody else who comes to relax at Buffalo Thunder Resort!  And while we're talkin' about rooms...   here's another BIG PLUS in the plus column for this road-worthy dog-traveler.  Buffalo Thunder Resort has reserved a whole level of rooms for pet-travelers...and what's so special about this floor?  Each room opens up directly to the pet-friendly courtyard....you can go right outside from your room!  Now THAT is what I call doggone handy when ya gotta go....if ya get my drift.  And speaking of 'gotta go'...
I just noticed that there is a Dog Convenience Station...right here in the courtyard!  Anybody lookin'....maybe I'll just get in a quick one...and then before anybody sees...I'll stash the evidence in the convenience station.  Yah..that's the plan. 

And if a Pet Potty station wasn't eough....look what else Buffalo Thunder put in on our special pet-friendly courtyard-a Fire Hydrant!  Now THAT is just the cat's meow...or in this case the Dog's Bark!  Wowee-gazowee...THANKs Buffalo Thunder...you really ARE pet-friendly!   

BUT on with the tour!  Back inside...I'm thinkin' it's mighty high time to do a bit o' shopping!  And let me bark at you...there's plenty of good stuff right here inside the resort!
Women's clothing boutiques....

Native American art.....too cool. I like that one but it does look breakable...Hmmmm maybe I better wait on that one.

A souvenir gift shop....maybe I should start doing some Christmas shopping.....
hey wait a minute!  What are YOU doing here Mr. Buffalo?  Oh..yah..that's right this IS Buffalo Thunder Resort....so sorry! My mistake.
 WoW...all this shopping is making me mighty hungry.  And just you guess what this dog discovered at Buffalo Thunder Resort!  A pet-friendly restaurant...the MICA Restaurant.  You see, they have tables inside the restaurant...and then they have tables that are just outside the restaurant in the Main Corridor....so GUESS who's eating here! Pups can join their people at the corridor tables...and be treated just like the folks dining inside the restaurant.  Same great food and service.....but WITH your 4-footed best friend too!
Yup-I'm ready.....bein the fine food connoisseur that I am--Travelin' Jack. What do you recommend fine sir?

A seared Salmon plate with autumn veggies....Double Dog YUM!
  and let's do this delightful luncheon in total style, eh?  How about some Baked Alaska to finish it off in fine taste fashion!  DEE-dog-LICIOUS!  Thanks for being Pet-Friendly Mica Restaurant....oh, and they also have 4 other restaurants scattered around the resort plus ROOM SERVICE....that's what I like too! Nope you won't starve at Buffalo Thunder Resort.
I'm so full...I might have to take a dog-break from this little tour..and do a bit of people watching in their gi-normous interior lobby...why this place is so big...you could get ALL your exercise by just walking through the beautiful inside of this fancy-dancy resort.

For dog-instance....take a look at THESE sculptures....why I hear through the barkvine that the Governor of Pojoaque Pueblo is a mighty fine artist...and he MADE some of these beautiful and grand art pieces scattered throughout the resort! WoW...now that is pretty doggone impressive!  Gotta stop and admire this a bit.
And of course...you're never far from the game at Buffalo Thunder Resort & CASINO and I also hear through the bark-vine that there is some fun to be had at the tables here....hmmmm....should I play a game of Black JACK?  
(NOTE:  dogs are not allowed in the Casino...so I just made my own Black Jack table here...just so's you know and don't get your Fido in trouble at the Casino)

Another thing not allowed for DOGS...but definitely available for PEOPLE is their wonderful Wo P'in Spa.  Somehow I can still figure out how to get 'the treatment' but mostly this swanky place is for the Ma'ams that visit the resort.   Just barkin......

 And no tour would be complete without a visit to the pool area.  Aaaahhhh...the life of a Tour Guide!  RUFF!  But ya know....some dog's gotta do it!... and that would be MOI-Travelin' Jack!

There is also a nice poolside bar outside where pups ARE permitted....

WHO-EEE that dogarita they made special for me sure is a lip-smakkin'-dog-dandy delite! 

And there are SO many other things to do at Buffalo Thunder Resort....like the golf course, the Inside Pool Area, the Club, a grand ballroom for parties and conventions too!..and there are grrrreat nearby museums to explore.....but this has already been a full day just touring you around...and this pup is pooped!

So, I'm gonna call it a day...and snuggle down here in this o-so-comfy bed! 
BEFORE I do....I haven't forgotten about that great TIP I was gonna give to you.....and here it is NOW.

Are you lookin' for that Xtra Special Gift to give that Someone Xtra Special?  How 'bout a GIFT CERTIFICATE to Buffalo Thunder Resort!  
Yup-Pup...I've done it now.  That may be just the doggone BEST IDEA I've had all year long...and bein' the good pup I am...I'm sharin' my dog-brilliance with you!  So go ahead....pick up that phone and call Buffalo Thunder Resort and purchase a gift certificate in any amount.  Or go online and plan your next get-away

I dog-guarantee...you will be one specially LUVed gift giver this holiday season!

Oh...and if you haven't seen quite enough yet....here's a sneak preview of my TV segment I did recently on the one- the only- the magnificent 
   GO AHEAD...CLICK AWAY....http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HlGZLesCrwA

Here's to YOUR next great escape! And remember my motto..."IF IT'S PET FRIENDLY IT'S PEOPLE FRIENDLY" and that is sure enuf true of BUFFALO THUNDER RESORT!



  1. After reading this post, I just wish I have a dog too.

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  3. Hi, Jack,
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