Tuesday, December 24, 2013


                                                TWAS THE NIGHT BEFOR DOG-MAS!
                                                                   Travelin’ Jack
                                                        (New Mexico's "Poet  Pet Laureate")

Twas the Night Before Dog-Mas

And All Through the Dog House

Not a Critter was A-Stirring,

Not even a Squeaky Toy Mouse.

The Puppies and Kittens Were All Snug in Their Beds

With Visions of Chew Bones and Catnip in Their Heads.

Their stockings Were Hung by the Chimney with Care

In the Hope that SAINT PAWS Soon Would be There.

Mama Cat in her Holiday Collar

And Me-Travelin’ Jack in My St. Nick Cap

Had Just Settled Down

For a Cozy Winter’s Cat Nap.

When OUT on the Lawn there Arose a Great Clatter,

I Sprang from My Dog Bed to See What Was the Matter!

And WHAT to my Wondering Pup Eyes Just Appears

But a Miniature Dog Sleigh and Eight Tiny Dog Dears!

With a 4-Footed Driver who was Set On a Cause

I knew in a Dog Blink, it must be SAINT PAWS!

More Rapid than Greyhounds, on Target They Came

He Barked out in Dog-Talk and Called Them by Name.

“Now Fido, Now Fluffy, Now Fifi and Fred

On Roxie, On Rascal, On Rover and Red!

To the Top O’ the Dog House, To the Top O’ the Wall

Now Dash Away, Dash Away, Dash Away All!”

Then to the Top of the Roof those Dog Dears They Flew

With a Sleigh Full of Dog Toys And SAINT PAWS Too!

As I Drew in My Pup Nose and was Hopping Around

Down the Chimney Came SAINT PAWS with a Bounce & A Bound.

He was Dressed in His Dog Fur from Front Paw to Back Foot

And That Dog Fur was Tarnished with Ashes and Soot.

A Back Pack of Pet Treats was Strapped on His Back

And He Looked Like a Pup Peddler Just Opening His Pack.

His eyes How They Sparkled, His Whiskers How Merry!

His Face Fur All Fluffy, His Nose Like a BlackBerry.

His Dog Smile was Drawn Up like a Howl-iday Bow

And the Beard on His Chin was White Like the Snow.

SAINT PAWS was Chubby & Plump, A Right Jolly ol’ Pup

And I Said When He Spied Me “Hey Ol’ Paws-What’s Up?”

With a Wink of His Eye and a Cock of His Head

He Soon Let Travelin’ Jack Know I Had Nothing to Dread.

He Barked not a Word, but Went Straight to His Work

He Filled All the Pups’ & Kitties’ Stockings Then Turned with a Jerk

Laying a Paw Aside of His Puppy Dog Nose

And Giving a “YIP” Up the Chimney He Rose.

He Jumped in His Sleigh to His Dog Dears Shouted out a Loud BARK

And Away They All Flew, Enroute to a Nearby Dog Park.

But I Heard Him Dog-sclaim as He Drove Out of Sight………


TRAVELIN’ JACK dedicates this Pup-Poem to ALL the Puppies and Kitties Waiting for A Forever Family. Don’t YOU need a new family member this Holiday Season? If You Can’t Adopt, then Support Your Local Animal Charity. THANK YOU…. & HAPPY HOWL-IDAYS! DECEMBER 2O13
Merry Christmas to ALL! Happy New Year!

signing off for the holidays as I have a lot of special deliveries to make to good puppies and kitties everywhere!  You can check out my Facebook page to keep up with the action till January. 
Travelin' Jack Public Figure
Travelin' Jack, Roving Bulldog Reporter


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