Friday, January 3, 2014

2013 A Doggone Grand Year!


We started off the year 2013 in style.......with a grand slam of a doggone FUN contest!  
                                                   TRAVELIN' JACK'S PROJECT 52

Each week we posted a picture of MOI-yours truly Mr. Handsome Jack.....and YOU had to CAPTION the photo!  WoWee-Gazowee...did we have some fun with this!  And some dog-dandy captions to boot!  Here are a few of my favorites (hard to choose though!)
                                    CONGRATULATIONS Diana Mancel!

                                      "They See Me Rollin’…They Be Barkin’!"

                                          CONGRATULATIONS Laura Madeiros!
                                                “Have you met my GHOULfriend?”

                                                 CONGRATULATIONS Gary Wilson!

                                         “Black Jack to Travelin’ Jack. Pay him 500 Bones!”

                                                                                            CONGRATULATIONS Eugene Kemp!

                                              “Don’t worry America….I Got Your Back!"

                                                CONGRATULATIONS Yvonne Divita!

“ I say there, Chap, have you seen my pipe? I had it on the golf course just a moment ago!”

Yup-Pup...we had fun...and 52 WINNERS of a Travelin' Jack PRIZE PACK!  But this was only a teensy-weensy part of our pup-sitively Fab times we had this year! 
  I also had to hang a medal around my neck for several WINS this year!  
Like the International EIPPY award for my book "Travelin' Jack's Story...From Shelter to Star"
I was (WOOF-HARUMPH) proud to be the 1st dog EVER to win this award!  Yah!

 And that was quickly followed up by a WIN for Terrie Q and Travelin' Jack's PET FRIENDS book.
We won BEST BOOK in the animal category for the 2013 New Mexico Arizona Book Awards! YAH again!  (This book was also a fundraiser for animal welfare...double YAH!)
In the spring I was dog-honored to be named the "PET LAUREATE of New Mexico"  as our state's rhyming dog poet!  Here I am at the National Poetry Conference receiving this larger than dog-life award and recognition!I was also very proud to accept a special award from the New Mexico Tourism Department for Jill's and my winning article for the contest "New Mexico True Stories". Of course we wrote about Pet Friendly New Mexico! 
Here we are receiving the plaque from Jordan Guenther of NMTD...but even more important here are the recipients from 2 animal welfare groups to whom we presented our $1000 winnings! Save Lucky Paws of Albuquerque City Shelter and Chama Valley Humane Society.  Glad we could help out some pups and kitties that way! 
  Other literary achievements with this dog included one of my blog-posts in the 2013 published book, LODGE LORE...Tales From a Mountain Lodge in addition to another story ABOUT me in the book...that was a double dog-honor too!
And it's always so doggone nice to be included in a national pet I ended up in the Fall 2013 issue for my participation in the dog-tour "GET YOUR LICKS ON ROUTE 66" Tour at Balloon Fiesta!  LUV that my mug graced this great magazine!

Why I even was made a JUNIOR RANGER at Coronado State Monument (now called Coronado Historic Site).  And I was honored to receive my badge from Rangers John and Annie.  I'll do right by your Ranger Program, I do dog-promise!

Other Honorary Titles that I, Travelin' Jack, wore this year   (that I might just add....MOST dogs don't have these honors) include:   
 I was a Guest Judge at the Sipapu Cardboard Derby Races in March.  I take my job doggone seriously as you can see while I observe the racers. 
I have the honor of being a dog-model for Sandia Pet I am modeling one of their dog-fabulous collar/leash sets.

And speaking of modeling......I also worked the runway at the Northern New Mexico Bridal Expo.
Here I am with the Bride and Groom waiting to hit the red carpet runway. 

YAWN....what this dog can't do, eh?  And speaking of many dogs do you know that appear on the Dr. Oz show?  Well...that would be me!  I was included in one of his TV shows this Spring for a YAWNING medical segment.  Here is the photo that won me that honor 
 and wouldn't you know....when the show aired......I just had to prove that I was THAT yet another.............................
I beg your "pawdon" Dr. Oz.....I mean no rudeness, but rather I send you my special form of THANKS for appearing on your show....with just another award winning YAWN!

And of course...if we're talkin' about TV.....I must dogress and include my very favorite TV show.....that I love being a part of regularly!

I love my Special Spot on the Show as New Mexico's pre-eminent Pet- Reporter.  And I have made LOTS of good friends on the set at New Mexico Style .  Here I am with Host of the Show, Nikki Stanzione-My Girlfriend---it's true...she said it ALL THE TIME LIVE ON THE SHOW!  And Elias Gallegos, former Face of Fox Star and Meteorologist, Kristen Van Dyke.  I see stars when I'm with her----(GET IT...another one of my dog-dandy Bulldog Jokes!  STARS-METEOROLOGIST!  HA-I am just too doggone funny!)  We covered LOTS of very dog-portant subjects on the show......
 But in September we had to say Dog-Dieu to Miss Nikki!  As she headed back to the Big Apple!  I'm just so doggone broken hearted to have to lose my bestest girlfiriend (besides Jill of course!)
But it was my bestest honor to then WELCOME the host of the new show 2KASA Style, Chad Brummett.  He thinks I am Top Dog (which of course  I am!) and we hit it off right away.  Why we even have our own dog-talk....that we don't share with others.  Our guy secret language...Ruff....grrrr....awwwruuuuggghhh!  If you want to see our most recent it is
We covered the best PET RESOLUTIONS for 2014.....but I renamed it CANINE COMMITMENTS!  Another example of just how clever I am!  Anyway, you can catch me on this show the 1st Wednesday of every month (and sometimes more often too!) KASA FOX 2 TV.  My favorite show of ALL time!

But of course TV is not the only Media outlet I appear on.  I bet you don't hear dogs on the radio too often...but then many Travelin' Jack's are there?  I LUV to appear on the set at 770KKOB Radio here in Albuquerque with the one and only QUEEN OF THE AIR WAVES----Miss Terrie Q on her Weekend Show.  I'm a very 'pup-ular guest' on her show.  We bark about a lot of very dog-portant my end-of-the-year blowout TOUR called


Here is my official Trading Card for the Tour.
And here is what it was all about!
We honored three different Organizations

LUCKY PAWS Animal Adoption Center
Toys for Tots
Meals On Wheels Pet Program
and we held numerous events for fundraisers and awareness campaigns.
I-Travelin' Jack was the HOST of all these events.
Of course we started it off on the right foot with a radio appearance with Miss Terrie Q at 770 KKOB Radio...where we told the world about our plans and invited them to all the events.
 Our first event was a Holiday Open House at LUCKY PAWS Adoption Shelter.  I appeared as Santa Paws...and along with the great staff at Lucky Paws and the Exec. Director of Save Lucky Paws, Martha Anderson...we kicked the holiday season off in doggone grand style!
 I visited with little angels....ain't she a doll (secret revealed here.....she didn't like Santa and would not have her picture taken with him...BUT she loved she got her photo with Santa PAWS instead!) Victory for the DAWG!  Ha!  We also collected donations for Toys for the Pets for Christmas morning.  We raised lots of $$$s and we collected 165 toys for shelter cats and dogs to be delivered Christmas Morning!
 Santa Paws had the whole program well under control at Lucky Paws.  And PROUD to be of service too!


.....It is one of my proudest roles of ALL I was welcomed into Delta Company of the U.S. Marine Corp, Albuquerque as the Official Mascot for the Albuquerque Toys for Tots Program. 
First stop was the set of KASA TV on 2KASA Style TV.  I met up with Major Cillessen and Staff Sergeant Adrian Hernandez to prepare for my BIG DEBUT as a Marine. 

I was just so doggone proud to don my Dress Blues and to be a part of the Delta Company of Marines. 

(I also have to send a very special BARK OUT to my bestest dog bud, Gunny Monster, who is the Utah Marine Toys for Tot Mascot.  He was kind enough to pass his uniform on to me so that I could share the honor with these fine Marines.  Thanks a dog-zillion to Gunny Monster and his Dog-person, Troy! I wouldn't have been half this handsome without your amazing donation of my new uniform!  I LUV it!)       

My first event for Toys for Tots took place at Treasure House Books and Old Town.  We pawticipated in the annual Holiday Stroll event with a book signing...and for EVERY BOOK that was purchased in the store that evening---I, Travelin' Jack, donated a children's book to Toys for Tots.  We had a rollicking good time at the store...and met up with lots of great folks....and raised over 70 books that night for the Kids.   
 Our 2nd role for Toys for Tots was at the Albuquerque Balloon their annual HOLIDAYS TAKE FLIGHT event.  There we continued our book drive...and raised $$$s and more books for the kids.  In all, I-Travelin' Jack donated 625 books to Toys for Tots.  AND that, my friends, is the LARGEST ever book donation by a Dog to Toys for Tots!
 Besides collecting toys, $$s and books, we posed for our friend Daryl Custer who took lots of photos for our formal photo shoot.  We got some great photos with the Marines....don't you agree?
 Following the Book Drive, we went out to the Final Big Collection Drive in Albuquerque with the Marines.  Here I am with the Marines luring people in to the parking area to donate for the kids.
It was a cold December day, but the Marines are a TUFF lot (me included) and we worked the Collection Boxes hard!  But with great results.  LOTS of folks showed up for the event and we collected many great toys from generous Albuquerqueans.
 But our work was not yet done...and my job was just starting as the Official Mascot for the Marines.  The Distribution Day came around....and I went to help out  my Delta Company Marines with the toy distribution.  Besides posing for pics with the Marines,

why I even met up with the big guy....SANTA CLAUS himself with Mrs. Claus too!  SWEET!  Am I a lucky dog or what!  I got a 1st paw shot to whisper in Santa's ear what I want for Christmas!  Guess what it was!?!  Lots of toys for kids in New Mexico!  He said he could do that!
 I also got a pic with the Marines with my 625 books that I donated...Mrs. Claus popped by for the pic too!

Yes, it was one of the biggest honors of my be the Official Mascot for the US Marine Corp.  I can't wait to do it next year again....BUT my work was still not done...and it's off to,,,,,,

Week Three of the Tour.  And this week is dedicated to Meals on the pets of the families on the Meals on Wheels program.

 First stop.....since it is a FOOD organization, why I thought...why not hold a party at my favorite dog bakery....Three Dog Bakery!

So I met up with Owner Michael...and we planned a big to-do.  A PUPCAKE-CUPCAKE Reception!  We planned the big pupcakes for the visiting pups and free cupcakes for the visiting people.  The pupcakes came from of dog-course Three Dog Bakery..and the cupcakes were donated by Cake Fetish.  Double Dog YUM! 
We got all the bakers at Three Dog Bakery to gather for a photo and the party was on!  For every $$ donation made, Three Dog Bakery donated a goody treat bag for the pets on the Meals on Wheels program.  It was a dog-licious success!  Mucho $$ were raised, treats were gathered for the 4-footed kids...and all the folks visiting were regaled with tasty treats!
Why even Miss Samantha, Executive Director of Meals on Wheels, came by to check out the fun!  And FUN was had by all....BUT that wasn't all.  We followed that up with the PET PARTY OF THE SEASON  
at Il Vicino Westside...where we held this pup-party on the Patio.  Folks ate DEElicious Pizza, 

 I visited with good folks there for the pawtee and fun....and we had pups and people joining in. 

We even had pet photographer Allen Winston of there to take souvenir pictures of the pawticipating pets....dressed in their holiday finery!  There were some cute pups there FURR SURE!  Thanks Mr. Allen for takingn my pic too!  It's a keeper.....just like you!

And Il Vicino also tagged into the success.  They donated 20% of proceeds from their food sales that day Meals on Wheels also got a generous donation from them!  Thanks for that added bonus!

And that's how we ended up the 2013 TRAVELIN' JACK HOWL-I-DAY GIVE BACK TOUR! It was a doggone success!  We raised $$$ dollars for 3 worthy charities, we gathered gifts for kids and pets...and we had a doggone good time most of all.

And after all that HOWLIDAY action....I hafta admit...I was doggone worn out.  So I ended my year, relaxing in front of the fireplace at the Elkhorn Lodge in Chama! 
Yes, this was a doggone grand year!  
And I want to thank ALL my friends for making this such a special year for this dog.  I-Travelin' Jack am abso-dog-lutely BLESSED.   And I LUV you -each and every one!  And that also includes my faithful followers on Facebook, on my Blog, and at all my events. 

So what's in Store for 2014?  

Let's start it out....heralding back to my Travel Pro job.  And of course my doggone great photos.  How about a new weekly contest......


So climb on board...let's hit the road together in 2014! VROOOOOM VROOOOM VROOOM!  Where do you think YOU will find me this year?  I'll be out and can bet your bones on that!  So stay tuned for more doggone grand fun in 2014!



  1. Cinnamon says: "Jack, I added your year in review to my year in review article. Have a great 2014!"

  2. Thanks Cinnamon....Happy Woof Year! 2014 HERE WE COME!